Monday, June 7


Monday, May 10

Aspervika boys win relay race Sandneslekene 2010

Aspervika 1 runs in the lane furthest from the camera (yellow T-shirt from the start)

ps - allow time for your computer to buffer - the file is quite big.

Monday, March 29

Sunday, March 28

early Bakhtin - word as concept and image

"The expression of a performed act from within and the expression of once-occurent Being-as-event in which that act is performed require the entire fullness of the word: its content/sense aspect (the word as concept) as well as its palpable-expressive aspect (the word as image) and its emotional-volitional aspect (the intonation of the word) in their unity. And in all these moments the full unitary word can be answerably valid, i.e., can be the truth [...] rather than something subjectively fortuitous."

p. 31, Towards a Philosophy of the Act, University of Austin Texas Press, 1999 (1993)

Monday, March 22

I still believe - - - it´s you and me ´til the end of time

I still believe
it´s you and me ´til the end of time
when we collide we come together
if we don´t we´ll always be apart
I´ll take a bruise I know you´re worth it
when you hit me hit me hard

Biffy Clyro - Many Of Horror (When We Collide)

Sunday, March 21

self reflection

Jeg heter Jonatan.

Jeg kan stå på slalåm-ski.

Jeg kan sykkle.

Jeg kan ta framlengs-salto.

Jeg kan brete øye.

Jeg er høy nok til å ta alle karoselene i Danmark.

Tuesday, March 16

love & hate

”The ambivalence exposed so vividly by sexual jealousy – that where we love we always hate, and vice versa – has something important to tell us about the complexity of our emotional lives. I such extremes, apparently opposed feelings are always present – why else would we hate if love wasn’t somewhere involved? You can be frustrated only by someone you need – then we need to be attentive when these strong feelings seem to be mutually exclusive, when love takes over so you can’t find the hate, and vice versa.”

Adam Phillips and Barbara Taylor, On Kindness, p. 61.