Saturday, January 28

Rowan felted tweed shawl coming up

These 875 meters of Rowan felted tweed are waiting to be my next project - I just have to finish off the baby blanket for a soon to arrive boy or girl first! I have heard so many nice things about this yarn - I'm looking forward to getting going ; )

Noro Kureyon wrist warmers with a twist : )

In between the other ongoing projects I just had to try out the new Noro yarn that I bought at - Inspired by Happenstance's hand and wrist warmers, I set out for keeping my wrists warm with a twist... 32 stitches on size five needles. Knit three, purl one, - having finished around - start off again purling one, knitting three, purling one and so on...

Tuesday, January 24

Ongoing project III

I never really understood where Nathania found time and energy to have so many different knitting projects going at the same time. Well, I guess I have to admit I'm getting there, too...

This will eventually turn in to a woollen, felted baby blanket - check out these colours - from Vogue knitting Felting that Happenstance brought into my office a grey day in January. My warmest recommendations!

Trying out patterns

Newly returned to knitting, I am trying out different patterns and techniques with the hope of someday turning them into bigger projects ; )

Ongoing project II

From the earlier mentioned simple knits with a twist, I'm working on a net fabric summery purse in white net, to be lined with red silk and finished off with a black handle ( I think...) The skin tended to start coming off of my right index finger (!) when knitting it most intensively, but it's recovering now...

Ongoing project I

One of my favourite persons in the world - my husband's grand mother (86) -came here for a 5 week stay over the holidays, and she actually knitted herself a nice lime green purse that I felted for her (unfortunately I have no picture of it for the time being). She then moved on to this project for my daughter, but the size 2,5 - 3 needles turned out too tiny and I took it over. This is a definite test of my patience - and I actually knitted so much and fast on it at some point, that my left index started aching - prolonging the ache all the way up to my shoulder... Bad sign - I know. That's why I'll try to take it a bit slower now - in between different other ongoing projects. I'm starting off the arms one of these days - and will keep you posted.

Delayed baskets

Lime green is a favourite this winter - next to light turquoise it seems to brighten up my day to (almost) the same amount as Happenstance does. - That's why I knitted her these woollen, felted baskets for Christmas - for needles and yarns. I never got around to photographing them before wrapping them up - so here are Happenstance' own pictures of them.

Thursday, January 19

Raspberries and straws

Today I finally got to a yarn store again after a long week home sick. I never thought I'd get hooked on yarns like this... - and I assure you, Nathania, that these last few months have given new dimensions to what formerly appeared to be a rather nerdlike passion for wool, silk and the likes, expressed through Purls Beyond Price... I have been quite fascinated by all the coulour shifting yarns for some time, and not having come to the point of ordering any over the Internet yet, I was very happy to come over this refreshing cotton yarn today. I am slowly approaching patterns. I have seen some nice pictures of "raspberry" knitting - and figured I'd try to do somethink like it (from the top of my head - it's all intuition... - isn't it?) - Introducing a line between what I understand as raspberry rows I hereby name this little project Raspeberries and Straws... : ) - I'll post another picture when it's finished!

Felted wool and butterflies

My daughter (who got the little light blue merino shawl) also wished for a light blue, new purse, that I had promised her for some time. This weekend it was finally realized, and as a good alternative to her sudden wish for a decoration of knitted hearts (after the purse had already been felted), my mother-in-law found these tiny butterflies that make a nice contrast to the felted wool...

Monday, January 16

More on Judith Butler

This week Judith Butler's on again. I thought you might like to have some more links to read a bit more about her and her work? As formerly stated: she works at the Rhetoric Dept. at University of California, Berkeley. has a page with links, select bibliography and more. Wikipedia seems quite informative - as tipped by Happenstance, and Dino Felluga published Modules on Butler I: on gender and sex and II: on performativity. During her stay in Berlin in 2001 Butler was interviewed, and she herself wrote this text on Jacques Derrida in The London Review of Books in 2004. - and while we're at it; she defends the right to critizise Israel in the same review in 2003.

Woven woolen rug

For Christmas Happenstance offered me a lovely book called simple knits with a twist by Erica Knight
where I found inspiration for this little woolen rug to put on the chair I have for visitors in my new office : ) "Everyone"'s been complaining about how cold they think the (nice) new chairs must be, - but anyone visiting MY office will no doubt stay warm - for hours. Having also brought in several nice tea cups, a range of different teas and a little kettle (not to mention the Rolls Royce coffee machine that does everything right outside my door - and the lovely view including 7 mountain tops!) - I will go to work tomorrow only waiting for people to constantly pop by.

Thursday, January 12

My favourite comforter

Happenstance offered me this crochet shawl a little more than a year ago, and I've worn it more or less everyday since (not counting the warmest summer days). - Obviously I'm wearing it right now! Can you think of anything more colourful and lively to brighten up the grey winter days that tend to dominate the south western parts of Norway? I wanted to get a closer shot of this, but the reds all got too red - and then the texture didn't show. I'm planning to have Happenstance teach me crocheting in not too long... Hopefully she agrees!

From pink to light blue...

...that's where my daughter is moving. - and it's quite a lot more fun when she gets excited about clothes ans toys in other colours than the formely dominant light pink. She really wanted a blue merino shawl like the pink one that I made for her friend for Christmas - and then I knitted this. She wears it a lot...

More than two meters of felted alpakka

I have no idea how to do this scarf justice - you'll simply have to imagine it between two and two and a half meters long, and SO warm... My sister felted it for me for Christmas and a matching one for my husband (though shorter...) I wear it almost everyday, these chilly winter rainy freezing days...

Lady in red

My mother-in-law is a lady in red, and I made her this shawl in fine, thin alpakka, a scarf in thick alpakka varied with three thin yarns of different red/mauve/pink shades and a purse to go with the lot. It goes with a lot of her clothes... :)

Wednesday, January 11

Judith Butler

We're focusing on Judith Butler in our study group for the time being. Our study group consists of 15 persons, all with a Master (or likewise - at least) of a wide range of subjects - and an interest in feminist theory and gender studies through our occupations or private life (Normally both?!) We meet once a month, this academic year moving through the classics of feminism. I'll get back to our reading list later... Judith Butler is professor of the Rhetoric Department at Berkeley, California. Before Christmas I prepared a presentation of her Performative Gender for our group, and we actually chose to prolong the study and spend another evening on it next week. - This stuff is challenging - and rewarding to work on. I plan to use this blog to at least the same amount of feminist reflections as knitting - and perhaps quite a bit of thought on whether the act of knitting is feminist - anti feminist - or just pure relaxation and fun...? Is knitting gendered - and do I contribute to perform gender whilst knitting? In that case; is it possible to pinpoint what gender I perform (or contribute to perform)?

A glimpse of summer

Since it's Ingeborg's birthday today, I post this picture taken around 23h an evening in June last year, reminding her that we took a rain check on those glasses of wine together at the terrace. Happy Birthday, Ingeborg!

For the mantelpiece

When my friend showed me the pictures of the house they were buying, I immediately registered that something would lack if there were no stockings for Christmas. The husband of the family being American I guess there is a slight chance they had figured that one out themselves, but I sat down with my Pfaff Tiptronic anyway - and sent them this gift for the house before Christmas. The colours are inversed on the back side. The only bad thing about the house seems to be that it's situated nearly 600 kilometers from where we live - seeing as we used to have these relatively new won friends 20 minutes away... - Lucky me for having to fly in to Oslo because of my job, regularily!

Tuesday, January 10

Christmas Stockings

A friend of mine had her first Christmas away from home. What if there were no stockings available in her lodgings for Christmas Day? I hope Santa filled these up when passing by...

Purse for my sister

My sister spent this fall felting scarfs - long, coloury scarfs (I'll post a picture of the one she made for med later). For her self she made one in these colours - I complimented it with a matching hand bag.

Handy bags for a night out

Having finished these four little purses just before Christmas, we figured we might as well have decorated the house with these coloury spots rather than the traditional Christmas decorations. They ended up under the three in different friends of mine and the kids' houses, though - hopefully to brighten up someone's grey winter days :)

Ecru Merino with matching purse

I got quite hooked on these Merino shawls - and made quite a few! This one ended up with my sister in law with the little purse, a similar one, knitted through Denmark on my way to Odense this fall, in my heart's home town Tromsø with the kids' northern Norwegian (extra) grand mother, and a third in Miyagi, Japan with my pen friend through almost 2o years...

Merino shawl for cold African nights

Since three years back we have an associated Ugandian daughter called Esther that we sponsor through Plan. For Christmas we sent her this Merino shawl for chilly nights. Plan International allows only gifts that weigh less than 140 grams (or so) - and that's why this light Merino was perfect.

Turqoise Alpakka

My mother is a total fan of turqoise,- and she's never really warm! That's why I went for a really thick alpakka shawl for her - with this little matching purse for everythings she needs for a stroll in town... - Since I'm not really on the tops when it comes to techniques yet (Before this fall I haven't knitted in say 15 years...) - I have my freedom to vary in yarns and lovely, lovely colours :)

A lasting crush on blues...

One of my friends has a lasting crush on blues - light blues, dark blues, ocean blues, heavenly blues... She also tends to always carry around big bags - and she told me she wanted something good and warm to put around her neck.

Monday, January 9

Dragon Delight - inspired design

Having discovered the fun and soothing effects of knitting purses, I was inspired by my favourite designer Hild Rief to felt a purse to go with her Dragon Delight sweater. She just announced a winter sale on her autumn collection... Anticipating the summer collection? Go buy!

My first step on the way towards felting purses...

...was my fellow femiknitter and lunch companion Happenstance's request for something to carry her agenda, wallet, keys and cell phone in. Literature being a core interest of the both of us, she immediately decided it sort of had a Harry Potterish look.

Femiknits online!

New year, new actions ;)