Sunday, February 26

Rowan Felted Tweed in the sunshine

My dessert shawl is growing bigger - as I approach the end of the first skein, soon ready to start decreasing my way up the other side with the second. I knit a few really nice rows in the sunshine in front of the house this afternoon, while the kids were running around, playing with their friends... Since my felted skirt has now officially been finished, I guess I may now focus on dessert knitting all the time ; )

Fastelaven - tulips - blue sky

We had a very comfortable (early) spring Sunday today, celebrating Fastelaven with cream stuffed buns - yummy - and colourful tulips *sigh* Aren't they nice? I've been reading a bit of Hélène Cixous discussing amongst other her relationship to the dadaists and Tristan Tzara - the surrealists and André Breton and psychoanalysis. Will get back to that...


I have not yet been able to decide whether my felted skirt needs a velvet add-on for the waist or not. This is what it looked like just before the closing ceremony tonight.

Saturday, February 25

Le printemps s'approche!

Lovely flowers remind us that spring is not far away... Today I got the most lovely tulips, but I haven't been able to photograph them yet. I therefore post pictures of the two other bouquets that have lightened up the the house the last week...

Tuesday, February 21

Short - short - short...?

Hi-hi... My Olympic skirt turned out cool, but somewhat shorter than expected after felting. The width turned out perfectly, but... Well. - My immediate thought trying it on, was to aim for a place on the cheer leader team... Good for me that the Olympics don't end until Sunday - I still have time to adjust (- stretch??) and hope for the best.

Saturday, February 18

Olympic update

I had to go out for more yarn yesterday, - my project is progressing faster than expected! We had an interesting discussion about Toril Moi's I am a Woman, Wednesday - working on the lines between the personal and the philosophical. It's quite nice to combine the two... This weekend is full of projects; school band seminar, one birthday this afternoon, a double 30th birthday tonight and another birthday for two of the kids tomorrow... Juhu! Luckily we're only guests everywhere - so no arranging responsibilities...

Wednesday, February 15

Spring is approaching

In between the Olympic skirt and my new Rowan shawl, there is time to get out in our nearby mountaineous - woodlike areas with the kids, hiking, eating bicuits and drinking tea. The birds have started singing again - the ice is almost gone everwhere and there's daylight both before we get to work and after we come home!! Quite nice... Tonight I'm off for discussing Toril Moi at our feminist theory study circle at the University.

Tuesday, February 14

Be my Valentine...?

Lavender hearts by Happenstance.

Sunday, February 12

Olympic project details

So - I officially got started. Here are some details from my project felted skirt - knitted from the waist and down. You will see how I increase the width - and how I've planned the opening of the waist - seeing as this is supposed to turn into a skirt that follows my natural curves... Check out more info on my progress - or that of my team members - in the Norwegian Knitting Olympic Village!

I couldn't help myself...

The ocean green/blue Rowan Felted Tweed shawl that I finished not too long ago will be getting a sibling. It's so neat, comfortable, perfectly warm and cozy that I had to use the light green skeins for a new shawl, producing another perfect 5 mm bamboo needle experience. Seeing as I have now officially started my Olympic competition period with a competing project, it probably won't get all my attention the next two weeks, but it sure is nice as dessert - that is, for a row or two just before bed time...

Saturday, February 11

Norwegian Olympic Village opened

The Norwegian Olympic Village is as of now officially opened. Want to check in and share your progress? Click here! Now - I have to close this laptop and get some knitting done - otherwise my little olympic project of a felted skirt might stay just that; very little... :)

Team Norway coming up

Strikkelise has posted the button for the Norwegian team - I'm still wandering about on the quest of the Olympic Village

Knitting Olympics exploding

The knitting Olympics are taking off! Kat has made an Olympic frappr map - if you want to get a visual on the thousands of Olympic Knitters around the globe... - I have been looking for my fellow Norwegian Olympic knitters - without yet finding a village... ;) I did find this nice button, though!

I'm in!

During the Torino opening ceremony last night I cast on for my Olympic project: an ecru Rauma felted skirt - personal femiknitter home design - taking part in Stephanie - Yarnharlot's Knitting Olympics. Due to Stephanie's official numbers 3908 participants have p.t. entered the games - casting on simultaneously while the flame was lit last night! In San Jose Nathania hosted an opening ceremony knitting party- I'm sure she'll post pictures from it later today (or maybe in a few days, seeing as she and her family are moving into a new flat in a few days). - I'll keep you posted on the progress of my project with pictures as from later on today... Meanwhile you might want to visit the German Olympic Knitting village - where amongst others Irisine stays...

Wednesday, February 8

How I'd love... share a cup of tea with one of my dearest in these Japanese tea cups! Anyone feels called upon??

Tuesday, February 7

Noro Kureyon scarf

I've made myself a twisted Kureyon scarf from the rest of my wrist warmer yarn and two different new skeins of Noro. It's amazing to knit this living, hand dyed yarn that changes texture as you move along. - The colours really give me kicks as they go from one to the other on my new favourite bamboo needles! (5mm) My daughter now claims I only knit for myself, which is - I guess - a perfect image of how her world happens now and not last week or next...

Sunday, February 5

Ocean green/blue merino/alpacca Rowan

My first Rowan Felted Tweed project is finished - a dark ocean green/blue shawl knitted on 5 millimeter bamboo needles. - A comfortable experience, both needle- and yarnwise... I still have my light green Felted Tweed skeins to work on - I just have to figure out what they will be turning in to!

I still have a hang to knitting on inspirational basis, more than reading patterns. This shawl came into being originally induced by my ever-knitting mentor Happenstance, who told me to start off with four stitches, increasing one at the end of each knitted row. The purled rows have no additions. In my head this is knitting a shawl sideways - and it works out perfectly! Having knitted and purled until the end of the first skein, I started decreasing a stitch at every second row - to make my way upwards again. The second skein ends where the shawl does...

- I then picked up stitches along one of the sides of the shawl (including the four stitches that started it off) and knitted/purled a total of four rows. I increased one stitch in the fourth an fifth original stitch each time passing by to make way for a open angle corner, as well as an additional stitch towards the bottom of the shawl to be able to attache the two sides when finished. The effect of the holes dominating the attachement line (which might not have been supposed to occur when picking up stitches?) is quite nice ; )

On the fifth row I knitted three stitches in every original stitch - producing a wavy effect as I continued; one row purled, one row knit, another knit (making a new nice line detail) and finally a last knit - then finishing off the edge... I repeated this for the other side, too - and then made a less curbed finish on the top edge of the shawl: picking up stitches - one knitted row, one purled, one knitted - another knitted (repeating the line detail from the sides) and a last knitted before ending my production.

Now; you judge whether I should rather read patterns than write them...


The blanket turned into such a nice bundle of colours when wrapped up that I just had to include a snapshot. It hopefully arrives in Oslo by tomorrow ; )

Thursday, February 2

Felted baby blanket

... and I knitted and I knitted and I knitted - and I ran out for more yarn and I knitted and I knitted ;) - but now it's finished - 4 days after the arrival of a new prince in Oslo. Hopefully he'll stay nice and warm while his parents run after his big brother getting used to multi children parenthood!