Tuesday, April 25

Symbolic Order

Sunday afternoon I had the great pleasure of opening a new art exhibition at Rogaland Museum of Fine Arts - Symbolic Order. The Network of Feminist Theory and Gender Studies at UoS is cooperating with the museum in offering a series of lectures that focus on gender, femininity and aesthetics, at the museum throughout May. I sincerely hope to see you there! This is good stuff!! You can read some of the reflections of my opening speech here. - and for the lectures: Feel free to bring your knitting along... :)

Monday, April 24

Bridal Shawl in the Spring Sun

This weekend spring came for real. We made sveler on the terrace and I've been knitting in the sun. The sun doesn't go down until late these days. Yesterday it wasn't really dark even at 22h30... :)

As you may see there's a mild breeze blowing, - only to demonstrate the lightness of the super kid mohair shawl... This weather makes me want to stay at home all day knitting, knitting and knitting - occasionally looking up resting my eyes on the blue a) sea or/and b) sky listening to the far away birds having just returned.

Monday, April 17

Socks that rocked in the mountains

We just came home from Easter vacation in the snow at Hovden. We ate a lot of delicious food; roasted lamb, roasted moose, boeuf bourguignon - mmmm... - and I knit a lot, mostly on the wedding shawls. I'll post pics of the progress later... :)

These socks were picked up at my grand mother's the day before we left home. She is probably the most producing knitter I know and has been knitting all my life.
We were all nice and warm while skiing and later playing cards in the cabin... On Saturday the Easter rabbit popped by. Someone got lucky!!

Today was a lazy, lovely day at home. Now I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet evening with my knitting watching a bit of TV...

Thursday, April 6

Raspberry and Straws Baby Blanket Finished

Today I finished the baby blanket that I've been working on to and fro for some time now. It's my first machine stitched baby blanket ever - and definitely my first quasi quilt experience!

Here you see both sides and some details. I used heart formed decoration stitches for the new (first born) princess - my little niece - to come. I had to invent a local corner/edging technique, as the store had not provided me with enough fabric from the start.

That is; they might have, but using my (as always) intuitive techniques - no patterns, just old fashioned, solid common sense, combined with no experience at all in this field, I ended up having to go back
begging for leftovers of a fabric they no longer had in the store...

Now - all of this did, however, make me quite content with the result. I have no idea whether it will survive machine wash - Perhaps my stitches will undo? I think it will be nice and warm - fitting the red - red stroller the parents-to-be just bought, - but my feet got somewhat colder today when I visited the baby's house - saw her bed - only to discover that one of the grandmothers obviously is a gold medalist quilter...-.

*Hm* - Well - at least they will never have seen anything just like this... ;)

Pinocchio in Perspective

This is how far I've come on the Spider Web Bridal Shawl. Pinocchio here helps us put the progress in perspective. I count on getting a lot further during the Easter vacation :)

Monday, April 3

Beautiful Butterfly

Still comfortably in a spring mood. The birds are singing and the sky is (semi-) blue between the rain showers...My daughter drew and coloured this beauty of a butterfly in kindergarden... Isn't she lovely??

Sunday, April 2

Wholy Wedding Shawl ; )

The bridal shawl project has had it's small renaissance this weekend, too - and it's actually starting to become something. The thin, thin, thin yarn makes it a time consuming task - not made easier by the 7 mm needles - but the fluffy lightness of the result is rewarding by both the looks and the touch of it.

I'm awaiting my friend's choice of dress to find out whether this will actually be the shawl that she chooses or not. If not, I've had a ton of dribbling comments from people who'd love to wear the shawl in her place...

It's been a nice quiet weekend after a hazardous week with five times the programme I prefer (everything I went out for was fun, if it had only been sprinkeled out on an entire month!)

Friday we had a lovely meal with my mother-in-law and a few of her colleagues - a five course treat with gorgeous wines. Saturday finally an evening at home (this is normally what we usually do) and today a quiet day at home, ending with family visiting for home made pizzas and cakes... Now the kids are in bed and I'm returning to my knitty projects and a lovely evening in my pj's ;)


Spring in my kitchen

Small Sleeve Progress

There hasn't been much knitting lately -. This weekend I caught up on some of it. I've done a few rounds of my daughter's Button Man Sweater sleeve - and this is what it looks like...