Tuesday, May 30

Summer has come...

The first years we lived in the North of Norway I grieved the lack of spring and summer moving in on me. It snowed heavily June 15th - and I cried my brave tears. After a few seasons I realized that spring in Tromsø involved at least one certainty - the midnight sun and the long, bright summer nights. - Now, living down south again I most definitely enjoy the occassional summery touches that occur from - say April. However, I most definitely miss the midnight sun and the fantastic feeling of leaves and greens exploding after the snowy 10 month winter...

This picture shows you that we have a touch of it down south, too. It's taken towards the north from my kitchen terrace at 23h30 in May.

Sunday, May 28

Silk and lamb wool baby blanket

It's been ages since I should have started this, but things have been too buzy. This weekend, though, I got a sudden urge to use both my lovely new needles and my green Silk Tweed yarn - to make a cuddly green-green blanket for a princess that was born a little while ago.

Sunday, May 21

How to stress down on a Sunday evening

It's a bit hectic these days - I won't deny it. I'm developing a rather big theoretical project while keeping up regular work days at the university, trying to let weekends be weekends with my family, as far as the kids have time to play with their mother between their own projects.

So how to destress? It helps piling up all the books that you want to read in an energetic red sofa, and pour yourself another nice cup of green tea. Make sure to have studied calmly all day - combine positive activities.

Once the children are in bed, make sure to treat yourself with a long, lovely lavender shower and moisturize in aroma therapy lavender lotion before jumping into the most comfy pj''s - in that comfy red sofa - and with yet another cup of green tea.

Then it might be possible to climb down from all the way up there in euphoric academic theory heaven, to maybe get some sleep between all the ideas that you just have to write down before you forget them... and still look awake at work tomorrow.

What feminists do...

They study on a sun bed under the blue sky.

An then they make wheat buns for supper

- from a "look how easy this is" home baking sachet.

My project is waiting!

À plus!

Saussure, Foucault, Althusser, Barthes...

I have nearly finished the introductory chapters of the book of Jørgensen/Phillips that I started last night (literally speaking), and it is a quick journey of repeating basic subjects such as langue/parole, power, truth, ideology critic and different discursive practises. While moving through Saussure, Foucault, Althusser and Barthes, I get a good overlook of the fields of discourse theory (Mouffe/Laclau), critical discourse analysis as how practised by Fairclough and discourse psychology as a social psychological approach to discursive actions in social groups. (Do not quote me on the latter - I may have misunderstood it completely...) It is definitely the two first mentioned that interest me the most - and discourse theory especially. I see a range of attack points for linking this to feminism - and will keep you posted on that ;)

By the way - THIS - is the colour of the sea in the sunshine...

Saturday, May 20

Bakhtin, Butler, Moi and Mortensen

- They're all writers I read these days... Today I went to the university library to pick up some books before they shut down the facilities for the summer (due to redoing the main dept.) It's mainly books on and by Mikhail Bakhtin - the Russian literature critic who originally belonged to the Russian Formalist group, and was rediscovered by Julia Kristeva in the late 70-s just after his death... - since I'm trying to get a hang of his discourse analysis for a project that I am developing.

I also rocket fast received a book that I ordered Monday from Gnist book store. - That is, not that fast, since I ordered it Monday, but still quite fast, since I phoned them yesterday only to discover that they had received none of the orders since Monday due to a server problem. The person I talked to took my order on the phone, and less than 24 after it was in my mail box. Now, I can live with that...

The book I received was Marianne Winther Jørgensen and Louise Philips' Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method, that I have been adviced to dive into concerning my already mentioned project. That's just about what I'm ready for now - so - see you later!

Yes, yes - I'm closing in on the wedding shawl II - that I might turn out wearing myself for my friends wedding ;) Blocking still to be done on no. I.

Thursday, May 18

Wedding shawl finished

Yesterday I knit the last stitches of the wedding shawl.
I'll post a picture later.
It's now due for blocking ; )

And so we long for this...

We had that touch of summer.

- And then it went away.

It's been pouring rain for days now.

10 degrees Celsius at max.

I'll be working on a project description for my next feminist research project these next weeeks.

So - until later!

Major ingredient

Anyone for that cheese cake?

I figured I'd post you a picture of that cheese cake - just to trick some of you into popping by seeing us soon...

Tuesday, May 16

17th of May preps...

It's May 16th - the day before the day... Tomorrow it's the Norwegian Constitution Day - dating back to 1814 at Eidsvoll. It's the children's celebration, with children's parades, icecream, hot dogs, lotteries and more ice cream all day long.

The 16th of May, therefore, involves a ton of preparations - foodwise, clothewise, decorationwise - not to mention ironwise. Obviously all the buttons of my daughter's dress and even one on my youngest son's suit had undone - therefore the stitching gear. Normally I wouldn't count on stitching the 16th of May - not for relaxation at least!

Tomorrow morning everyone is due in the centre of town around nineish. The school children's parade is the major one. Before that a nice breakfast. In my family we traditionnally go for a major breakfast involving 20 to 25 persons - eggs and bacon fr all - jams, patés, vegetables, juice, coffee and tea at 6 in the morning, but with my husband and kids we have chosen a softer version: We focus on lunch as the main social happening...

Lunch tradition says chicken salad - chicken bathed in majones and sour cream - with apples and cucumber to go.- and the Trond Moi's world's best cheese cake in a Philadelphia Cream Chees variety... Lemon, vanilla, cream cheese, eggs and cinnamon in the doughy Kornmo biscuit bottom... Yummy!!!

Sunday, May 7

Summer has come

Last week the weather changed within 24 hours. From a cold, wintery shadow of spring, we're now launched in what - at least in the south western parts of Norway - must be considered true summer temperatures...

The day before yesterday I had my first swim, yesterday we made pancakes on the terrace, barbecued with friends after spending the entire day out in bikinis/shorts/nothing (kids) - and we finished the day off by a nice boat trip in the sunset...

The fruit trees are exploding with flowers - the others with green, green leaves - and the hammock is strategically placed with the loveliest view on the fjord and the mountains.

Now I'm heading out for a new, lovely day just doing whatever I feel like with happy kids running around...

Of course - I'm bringing out my knitting, - it hung on the terrace all yesterday, too ...