Thursday, July 20

Ama Ata Aidoo

I'm reading Ama Ata Aidoo, for the time being, having started off with her prize winning novel Changes. Aidoo studied literature at the University of Ghana and is former Minister of Education of Ghana. Ama Ata Aidoo - one of Africa's major feminists - is possibly coming to Kapittel 06. I will keep you posted. In the mean time - why not order Changes?

Monday, July 17

More Dish Cloths

A little bit of knitting - a little bit of reading...

Wednesday, July 12

My books arrived!!!

Now I can finally start reading... ;)
Aesthetics - Bakthin - Art Theory!!

Waiting for books...

I'm hoping a package of books will come my way today... I ordered them a while ago at Amazon in the UK, but they've obviously kept the order pending waiting to have all the books before sending them. These are some of them, - and the main background literature for our Aesthetics Study Circle starting this fall.

I can't wait to get started reading!!!

Carolyn Korsmeyer, Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction, London: Routledge, 2004.

Larry Shiner, The Invention of Art: A Cultural History, Chicago: University Of Chicago Press, 2003. (Shiner's text is scholarly but accessible, and should appeal to readers with even a dabbler's interest in art theory).

Matthew Kieran, ed. Contemporary Debates in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2005.

Tuesday, July 11

Kimono details

Sunday, July 9

- finished today...

Mason Dixon Knitting heartbreakingly cute baby kimono - here pattern enlarged and colourful...

I replaced the silk ribbons with colourful flowerbuttons - and permitted the kimono being worn with different fronts...

Heading for California - hopefully not too little...

Colourful cotton kimono

- started yesterday...

Toe crocheting ;)

There is no limit to what you learn in kindergarden! Here with yarn from Langedrag

Sunday morning knitting

Colourful cotton burp cloths

Saturday, July 8

Happenstance made this!

This lovely pearled hat was knit by adorable Happenstance - here worn by my daughter (6) who totally adores it (and wore it to town today - in sunshiny 22 degrees C...) Thank you! ;)

Weekend companion

The second peony blossoms

Sunday, July 2

Barbie kimono - started and done

Two of my kids came home from
Langedrag yesterday. They have been there for a week - and among other activities they have been out in the mountains collecting plants to dye yarn!! Guess what they brought home for Mamma... - with the humble wish; "I want you to knit some clothes for my dolls..." - so that is what Mamma did last night. - and the above is what my daughter woke up to this morning.

- For further inspiration; read the story about how one of the Mason Dixon mothers knit her daughter a Barbie raglan sweater - compensating for the otherwise rather tarty wardrobe...

Guests arriving

Baby kimono finished ;)

I finished the baby kimono ;) It is soft, it is small.

I have finished it off with off white in stead of blue ribbons.

Baby boys in Norway tend to have clothes in other colours than light blue...

The back side of the sleeves have decorative holes from my casting on additional stitches.

I knitted the jacket somewhat bigger than size newborn.size - and hope it is not already too little!

Mason Dixon. Need I say more?

Garden dinner à la francaise

Friday we had some very good friends over for a true french meal - consisting of

apéritif (jerez, vin rosé, Gin Tonic accompagnés de Scampi, olives and different nuts),

entrée - consisting of foie gras on a ruccola bed and thin slices of GamlaVærket bread,

main dish; bouillabaisse avec aioli (the two latter with Crémant de Bourgogne),

cheese; fromage des Pyrénées, brie and a to die for gruyére - with a lovely Argentinian red that I have forgotten the name of,

- dessert; home made vanilla ice cream (CREAM) on coffee beans sprinkeled with basil leaves - accompagné de Monbazillac,

sigars and Calvados

- and brownie quarters to go with the coffee and tea.

We had lovely weather - we sat on the terrace until 01h15 in the light summer night
without having to swap clothes - it was LOVELY!

- Here are some pics from the preparations...

Colourful food storage - for boat trips and other picnics

Now, would you not just get really hungry if you had your food stored in one of there boxes?

My mother in law bought it last year when we got our boat, but I hardly think it has been used before - at least not by us.