Monday, August 28

Proudly realizing: It actually works!!

This is a report from R(eal) L(ife) - as opposed to the theoretical, academic, virtual feminist bloggers' universe. My daughter (6) started school last Monday and since she more or less instantly left her pink phase this May I quite happily yesterday ended up buying her black Spiderman rain wear that she found super cool.

Every parent sending her or his child off to the scary, unprotected world of first grade school tends to reflect upon whether she or he will meet huge emotional challenges that are too tough to cope with. To a 6 year old making new friends (and even more later) the opinion of class mates might certainly have an impact on their day...- I sent my daughter off this morning thinking: Would the daughter of this feminist mother have been better off blending in with the other pink, red, purple rain wear girls this early in her new class? Picking her up this aftenoon my cool, cool daughter told me this about her day (it did turn out to be an issue...):

"You know what? Today Caroline saw my new rain wear when we went into class and she asked me why I was wearing boys' clothes." (smiling and laughing as she is looking out the window telling this) - "I just told her that there is no such things as boys' clothes or girls' clothes - and I told her that I have a Spiderman drinking bottle, Spiderman sleep wear, Spiderman underwear and a Spiderman caps that are really cool. You know what Caroline said then? She said: 'Really! I didn't know that!' - and that now she understood that it wasn't the way she thought it was."

A) 6-years olds (like older people) can realize that the world isn't the way they thought it was

B) All that attitude changing work we do actually makes a difference...

Sunday, August 27

...reading resumé &thensome coming up shortly

I'm too tired right now - but I will be back with a resumé of what I read through this summer :) I also promise pics of the last week's domestic production of jellies, jams, lemonades and the likes. Check in regularily!

Saturday, August 26

Hearty Wishes...

... for a long lovely life together...



Gift Wrapped


Vardeheia knitting pattern details

Kitchen Towels...

For the Vardeheia kitchen I knit different blue kitchen towels. One towel takes two skeins of semi thick cotton - 5 mm knitting needles - and a little light while kntting assuring you don't skip one row of the pattern...

DIsh Cloths

I love yarn that changes colour as you knit along! - The wavy effect makes it perfect for brightening up your sink and kitchen bench - and stains wont show as fast as on one colour cloths ;)

Kettle Holders

Kettle holders should be thick and soft. - and just about big enough to prevent you from burning yourself, at the same time as assuring they wont slip into the lasagna melted cheese...

The Vardeheia Knitting Pattern

Any respectable household needs a dedicated knitting pattern. - for the couple to be wed I made one and presented it to them in a frame with samples. I will come back to the details - only I'm too tired right now... Perhaps you're capable of reading it off the original instructions here presented?

Wedding Preparations

Two weeks after the baptism I was matrone of honour of the formely baptised fellow's mummy when she got married :) That was a lovely experience... We had the most wonderful three day wedding celebration - and - the two weeks before included a lot of knitting as well as other preparations.

We got the bride and groom light blue stone ware for their new kitchen - and to go with that - obviously - I had to knit matching
cloths in a diversity of sizes and colours. I don't have a lot of pictures from the process before the end product(s) - but as we all know; cotton cloths risk never being used if they're not preped by having passed a round in the washing machine...


During this summer I was one of the god parents of a lovely little AustraliNorwegian fellow. For him I made this little cotton kimono in the 36 hours between departure Rogaland and the baptism on the South Coast Sunday morning ;) It was a lovely feast - intimate and mainly with family.

Vacational Knitting on the Beach

Looong time, no blog! It's been holidays - it's been lack of LAN - it's been technical challenges - but I'm back! I sincerely hope that my pictures will accept being uploaded... - though I'm not convinced. I guess if you read this it works - if you don't it doesn't. We'll see.