Sunday, November 26

From advising to research training

Tomorrow starts my last week as adviser for research training, as I start my 4 year PhD scholarship this Friday. I can hardly wait! I've known for so many years that I wanted to go for a PhD and in 5 days I'm there... JUHU!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I'd love some snow, though...

The closest I've been to snow this year is flying over the Alpes going back from Spain. Having lived several years in the north of Norway, I miss snowy winters a lot... I hope we'll soon have some snow here, too!

Sørlandet in November

I brought the kids for a weekend in Grimstad to make sure they don't actually think Sørlandet is only about summer and swimming. The November light is beautiful, and we had some nice walks around town and the nearby wooden hills.

Hey - Nathania! Remember this?

Fall trip to Dalsnuten

I told you about Anne who came from the States to see us? She's a professional hiker - and we obviously had to take her to the nice area next to Dalsnuten not far from where we live :) Very nice trip. Perfect autumn weather ;)

Fall project

Images from Girona

Girona is a beautiful city situated an hour and a half outside Barcelona. We still eat the loveliest chorizos and saucissons secs from the market that I popped by Saturday in the lunch break.

Barcelona from the Miró museum

Miró images

Finally at the Miró museum

I've been waiting to go to the Miró museum in Barcelona since 1994. This October I went to Girona for a conference, and the one thing I prioritized other than the conference was - of course - finally seeing the museum. Back in Norway it was raining - chilly autumn weather - and in Spain I wandered about in summer skirts, gently cooled under the large trees - and just took in Spain, Miró and the scent of Barcelona...

While we're contemplating summer...

Pre jelly and lemonade

White raspberries
Red raspberries
Red raspberries and blackberries


Tarte Tatin

 What is better than a warm tarte tatin? 

Yummy summer memories

This August when we came home from vacations we spent the first weekend making jellies - yellow and red raspberry jelly - and blackberry (?) - solbær (sun berry) jelly... Tastes good at breakfast in dark November rainy weather...

Tuesday, November 21

Quiet early morning

It's a bit past 6 - and I've already been up for a couple of hours. My youngest son woke me up at 03h30, and I could not go to sleep again. I'm really not used to this anymore - it's been almost three years since they regularily held us awake during night hours. Turns out I got a bunch of work done, though. - which is good, because I'm leaving my present position in one and a half week - and there's so much I should finish before that!!!

Here is my bonzai - I bought it to introduce a(-nother) token of calm and quiet in our externally seemingly buzy home. I love to see it there in front of my rice paper lamp when I knit in the evening - listening to Bugge Wesseltoft playing away the snow on his piano.

Thursday, November 16

Sweater restarted...

It was too hot this summer. Far to hot to knit woolen yarn. That is why I have just restarted my daughter's button sweater - and I have a certain amount of progress.

- and Crystal Palace Aran Print ;)

- sorry for the bad picture! - the colours aren't quite like this...

Crystal Palace Taos'

- has also arrived. Before yesterday I hadn't knit anything new in months. 24 hours ago I started a scarf in this comfy 100% wool...

Arrivals from strikkinnom

I subscribe to surprise packages from - here are some of the yarns that have arrived - that I have not been able to start yet...: Two colours of Mayflower Cotton Light , a light green luxury cotton DK classic yarn from Rowan Yarn - cotton, viscose and silk and a 100% cashmere grey, amongst other things ;)

Knitting kids

My daughter and my eldest son are knitting, too... Christmas presents for lucky ones! They nicked my bamboo needles!!!

Calming down

This fall has been stuffed with work in different shades. There hasn't been much knitting - there hasn't been much blogging. The main reason of the latter is a rather bad technical (although factual) excuse... We got a new camera and it's not really plug and play to get my photos uploaded. (I know - bad excuse.) This combined with too much work - to little spare time - hmf. I'm planning on improving that, however...

Instead of waiting to get all my waiting to be blogged pics available I'm now starting in the other end. This is what I do now. Right now I drink wine. - a sweet, lovely Muscat from Bonny Doon California that we got from Anne who came to see us a month ago.
Anne is disputing for her PhD next week, and I'm going to Trondheim to celebrate ;) Juhu!! Thanks for the wine, Anne! Lovely for special occasions!!!