Thursday, December 28


Pate d'amande, long breakfasts, Christmas tree, lego, knitting, reading, pinnekjøtt, ribbe, torsk, pepperkaker, sleeping in, cinema, Wiiiiiiiiii! ;)

Friday, December 8


Dagbladet has ruled. Due to the critique and discussion of the cultural elite in Norway, Dagbladet has put together their own home made test to sort out who 's at risk of being too woven into the elite. Here's my result:

You are definitely not part of the cultural elite, - congratulations! You are probably genuine and down to earth and may take part in organisational work as much as you like without being suspected to work for yourself and keeping the proletariat down.

Well that's a good thing to know when from time to time being reminded of how feminism shouldn't turn into a top-down movement...

Friday, December 1

Advent's mood?

It's December 1st - it's pouring rain - the temperature is 11 degrees Celsius - the same as it was July 16th 2005... (- and several of the weeks around that date.) Hm... Yesterday I thought: " There is no way I will get my usual advent mood by tomorrow - advent's calendar to prepare or not.
Then I woke up this morning. I turned to my (new) cell phone and realized that my first calendar entry ever on this phone had popped up. Next to it: a symbol that goes with the season - a green parcel wrapped up with a huge red ribbon. - And what does it say next to the parcel? I assure you - one of the best advent's greetings ever!
Første dag som stipendiat
First day as PhD scholar
Juhu!!! I'm finally on my way ;) I'm here - I'm here - I'm here!!!

... getting there...

There just has not been time and space enough to complete the calendar before this morning. I'm sure I'll get it done this weekend, but the kids were super happy as long as there was one parcel each for this morning - next to the book! This calendar was my calendar when I was a kid - and apart from a few mouse holes from attic storage it looks as new... (but feels like always...)

December 1st

This morning my kids unwrapped this book - It's Jostein Gaarder's Julemysteriet. It's a calendar book, and we're reading one chapter a day until the 24th. The kids got their first chapter this morning at breakfast ;)

Present preparations started

The other day we started wrapping up presents. We send gifts all around the world - Japan, the States, Uganda, France - and obviously a bunch around Norway. Time to get things off by the post!