Sunday, January 14

Per Sundal

Maldivene, Per Sundal

- and candy filled cones, too...

yarnstorm inspired birthday muffins

One of the most inspiring, coloury blogs that I frequently visit is yarnstorm. I realize that my yellow muffins do not match hers, but they were a huge success for my sons 5th anniversary anyhow ;)

Sunday, January 7

New year - fresh flowers

This weekend has been quiet with quite knitting and reading. I'm preparing a presentation of the opening chapter of Carolyn Korsmeyer's gender and aesthetics for the study circle next Monday. At the same time I've finished a baby blanket for a little princess.

Thursday, January 4

Eva Solo Christmas

Look what we got!!

Noro felted pantoufles... ;)

aren't they lovely?

- and warm!

Wednesday, January 3

Twisting crystal palace scarf

Baby girl blanket

Little girl born December 27th 2006...

Mayflower cotton light

Knitted jewelry

For my mother in law's 60th anniversary.
Black beads and red steal thread.