Saturday, February 24

Friday, February 23

Project alpakka puls warmers

I just couldn't walk past this yarn yesterday. My daughter wanted puls warmers and they cost nearly 400 kroner! - I bought yarn for 187 and can make 4 pairs of puls warmers in lovely colours ;) Juhu!

2 time shawl finished!

Today I finished the shawl that I knit twice. I'm sending it to a friend in need of warmth and energy tomorrow ;)
The pattern turned out to be: Cast on 5 stitches. Increase 1 stitch in the beginning and at the end of each row. Knit right side rows, purl wrong side rows. When you get as far as you like (some of the skein should be left - you are knitting 9 more rows before changing colour) - increase 1 stitch on a right side row, then *knit 3 stitches together before creating 3 stitches in 1* - and repeat this until 1 stitch is left. Then increase 1 at the end of the row as before. This makes the hole pattern that runs once through every colour. Purl and knit the next 8 rows. Then change colour. Repeat the hole pattern when you approach the end of the next skein. I chose red, pink, light purple and the red again - 4 skeins of merino wool - before I finished with green to break with the reds.
To avoid the shawl to roll, continue increasing 1 stitch at the beginning and the end of each row - while knitting and purling: knit - purl - knit - purl - knit - purl through the entire row. The next row goes as the former, but the knit and purls should be delayed one stitch so that you knit in a purled stitch and vice versa. After 5 rows of green cast off. Make pompons for the three corners.

First raglan experience

I am slowly moving on towards the neck of the raglan sweater I started last year. I realize that each time I get to a point of the instructions I don't instantly understand I put it away ;) - Happenstance kindly explains and "What? Is it that easy??" I will try to read the instructions alone tonight... having finished another project earlier today.

Thursday, February 15

Shawl and empty biscotti tray

I make fast progress these days. Here is the shawl this morning (and my empty homemade almond biscotti tray). I am a lot more comfortable with the way the yarn materializes this time ;) In a few days it will warm the shoulders of a needing friend...

Wednesday, February 14

Premature little prince clothes

A very dear friend of a very dear friend had a son in January - a tiny baby boy of only 1,3 kilos... I had to go get this soft-soft-soft Baby Alpakka with 20% silk to warm him. They're now happily home from the maternity ;)

Yarn transformations %#"/#"/(

Now this freaking Explorer version has died on me so many times today - messing up so many posts - that you get the short version:

* heavy few weeks with unexpected sad things happening to near and dear ones
*urge to knit vivid colours
*Schachenmeyer nomotta Extra Merino
*inspired spontaneity v-pattern - not quite me
*retransformations into colourful skeins
*lovely outdoor knitting in the chilly winter weather
* two times the fun at the price of one