Thursday, March 29

Joyeux Pâcques

The weather has been lovely this week - and tomorrow we head for SØRLANDET, cottage on the beach, friends, Easter eggs, essay writing - Philosophy of Science with Ethics - I'm writing about Rhetorics of Science and Feminist Theory - Juhu!, family, lazy breakfast on the terrace , walks on the beach at sunset and perhaps this year's first dip in the ocean? - for me that is - my husband dove in several weeks ago already... Happy Easter to everyone ;)

Sunday, March 25

First whole day at the terrace...

We woke up to the most beautiful March Sunday - appearing more like a early May day (except with a bit of a chill in the shade). We have been outdoors since taking breakfast in the sun - I have now moved on to pistachies and white wine with my knitting.

Friday, March 16

A feminist project

As time goes by we realize that a feminist project is a lot more than a mere battle for the equal rights of women. As a direct consequence of the initial women’s rights’ battle of the 70s, legal-juridically Norway has already more or less attained equal rights between the sexes. This unfortunately does not automatically involve equal accessibility and possibilities for the genders neither in work nor in private life. Women are all over still not treated as equals to men when it comes to wages, carreer opportunities, and experience wise. It is for instance in 2007 still a popular argument that women have to get more experience before entering the company boards on a large scale. As if the younger men that enter company boards have genetically inherited this from their fathers…? At the same time men are still not equal partners in the home sphere. Most women want them to be active in the care tasks, - and a new generation of men want to have their obvious rights to take part in their childrens lives realized, - but they somehow haven’t gotten there yet. Why is that?

Other entering the care sphere

Working on Others

In my head the Other can be a lot more than Woman. In the care sphere – the home sphere – Man has traditionally been the Other – to western feminists non-western feminists more or less unconsciously became the Other at some point, and the Christians most certainly materialize the Other for most Muslims – and vice versa. Society is stuffed with relations where the Other is part of a meticulously maintained power hierarchy that will loose its ground without – the Other. Within the feminist communities a lot of us experience to be Others – or indeed to recognize other groupings as such. This it how it is – and probably how it will be. The tricky part is how to ensure respect and true acknowledgement of the Other – attempting to minimize the hierarchic structures and pursue a coexistence of viable Others.

Tuesday, March 6

Thinking writing formulating

Tomorrow and the day after I am going to seminar where I will talk about the way from the battle of equal rights to a dialogue of equality for family care departements from the entire region. The seminar is called "Adam, where are you?" and deals with how to make space for man in the care sphere of the families.

The rain is pouring down - tapping on the ceiling windows - and I have installed myself next to the fire place with a cup of Thé Vanille in my orange peluche cup and my books.

Sunday, March 4

Stitching up the puls warmers

I finished knitting the puls warmers this afternoon and I am now stitching them up. Will bring photos soon.

Spring sky

Paris 2007 en photo

Knitting in Paris by the Jardin de Luxembourg

We stayed at a hotel in Paris where breakfast didn't really tempt after the first day. That is why Tuesday morning before the seminar I treated myself to a lovely, lovely breakfast including croissants with jam, orange pressée, tea with sugar and milk and my puls warmer knitting - thin alpakka from Du store Alpakka. - Overviewing the Boulevard St. Michel buzy Parisiens I enjoyed an entire hour with my bamboo needles and the gorgeous Parisian atmosphere ;)

First spring day with piquenique reading on the pier

Dale Bauer works perfectly on the pier in the sun on a Friday afternoon -

or in the kitchen on a Sunday morning.
Content update to come soon.

Sunny winter

- a few weeks ago ;) University of Stavanger campus.