Friday, March 16

A feminist project

As time goes by we realize that a feminist project is a lot more than a mere battle for the equal rights of women. As a direct consequence of the initial women’s rights’ battle of the 70s, legal-juridically Norway has already more or less attained equal rights between the sexes. This unfortunately does not automatically involve equal accessibility and possibilities for the genders neither in work nor in private life. Women are all over still not treated as equals to men when it comes to wages, carreer opportunities, and experience wise. It is for instance in 2007 still a popular argument that women have to get more experience before entering the company boards on a large scale. As if the younger men that enter company boards have genetically inherited this from their fathers…? At the same time men are still not equal partners in the home sphere. Most women want them to be active in the care tasks, - and a new generation of men want to have their obvious rights to take part in their childrens lives realized, - but they somehow haven’t gotten there yet. Why is that?

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