Saturday, April 21

How she sees us

My daughter has drawn herself, her friend who spent the night and me on these sheets. It's quite obviously how we differ as personalities - or...?

Scarf progress - DROPS silk tweed


Do visit Rostrup Cheese and Coffee when in Sandnes! Cheddar, Livarot and then some...

Summer last weekend

The weather was lovely and we had to go for a drink and som ice cream when in town... Now that's why I call Saturday Candy Ice Cream :)

The w

Winding yarn in the car going to work

I got hold of those DROPS silk tweed yarns - and some of the needed a bit of pre work...

Office images - seat covers ;)

Monday, April 16

Camp Abby at the Quart festival July 2nd

The Quart festival have picked out 15 bands - including Urørt winner Ida Maria - to play at the Demo stage under this year's festival. 14 bands were picked out from 238 applicants - and among them are Camp Abby - formerly referred to when in LA. Visit their space ;)

Tuesday, April 10

And then the snow came...

... so then we went home. After the first week of pre summer we had a last 5 days of a bit more chilly weather - but still mostly ok for knitting outdoors. - Until Easter Day... - Then we woke up to snow, so then we went home again ;)

Silk tweed scarf

Drops silk tweed

I knit so much that a small import of silk tweed brought along by my parents who came visiting was needed.

Cashmere, baby alpakka, silk, soft, soft bear

To be felted seat covers

Easter start

We chose the right spot for Easter this year :) Ths sun shone continously from a blue, blue sky the first week - I was up knitting, reading and writing every morning at the terrace from before 08h.