Thursday, May 31

First chevron scarf finished ;)

Look at the effect of the lovely hand painted merino yarn :D

Tuesday, May 29

I really like my Nokia N73 -

- especially as long as it is daylight. All my Italy pictures are taken with it.

... but before that lovely days with summer and warmth...

The last day it rained!!

- and that was of course the sightseeing day... but then we found a coffee bar. Have you seen anything as green as this herb tea???

Summer top progression in Italy

I have been in Udine, Italy for a conference the last week - I have knit a bit in lectures and then some ;) - I admit, I admit. No pattern this time either. I will try to improve - at least by noting the pattern of what I make myself...

Tuesday, May 22

People and sensations

Now - I'm a people person. There's no doubt about it. I have moved around quite a bit and have friends gathered up a bit here and there. What I have realized during the last 10 years is that a lot of people don't get around to keeping their friendships warm - that some experience that the sentiments of back then fade away - that because they don't see people regularily - and often - they check in new friends and check out others. I realize that I must be particularily lucky to have so many people spread around the world that I talk to from time to time if distances are too long and time and travel money scarce - and to over and over again find myself realizing - with these people, when we meet again - that forever turns into a second, - and it seems like we saw each other only yesterday. These people are with me every day.

I love to go back and feel what it felt like when I sat with my (now) husband, brother in law and one of my best friends through 15 years (now) having a French piquenique overlooking the Normandie beaches and cliffs on our way to Cap de la Hague at Easter 1995 - we ate - we drank, and then we had a nap on the blankets in the sun... I can close my eyes and go back to physically - bodily - sensing the comfort and happiness I sensed back then. The sun warming gently in April...

Once every now and then I still meet people that I realize will be there forever. It's more seldom now, but it happens. It's such a privilege knowing that their mere presence in the world - even if somewhere far away - will continue making my life better. And I cannot help looking forward to when we will share a cup of tea or a glass of red together again...

Places, friends and lovers

There are places I remember all my life,
Though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain.
All these places have their moments
Of lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I loved them all.

And with all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these mem'ries lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
And I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them.
In my life I loved you more.

And I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them.
In my life I loved you more
In my life I loved you more


Monday, May 21

Back to the stitches

It has been a intense few days reading a lot of Bakhtin (first picture - yesterday turned out lovely weather, but chilly, chilly...). After all this flying way up high in 7th heaven with seminars, essay writing and all kinds of projects - most important than everything my latest deepening steps into Bakthin's world, I sense a bit of fatigue - driving me back towards my knitting tonight (last picture). Right now this is what I see - the fjord and the small islands - the mountains and the blue, blue, blue, blue sky... The birds are singing - the hill is covered with light green leaves - the sun is shining in my face and it's warm enough to sit out here on the terrace wearing only a T-shirt at 20h45... I will be knitting, hammocking and wine drinking tonight. I think I deserve it.

Thursday, May 17

03h15 this morning

Since I already ruined my sense of night and day this week - first due to after seminar activities Saturday morning - then by finishing my essay at 03h30 this Tuesday - there was no point in lying awake in bed at 02h50 (I had already slept and woken up again) as my carrott cake for the 17th of May lunch had to be decorated. Getting up that early I could benefit from this lovely pre summer night view from my terrace... Now I hope for a couple of hours of sleep before the programme starts. Have a lovely 17th of May.

Monday, May 14


Tekst & musikk: Lars Lillo-Stenberg

Ja så har det blitt vår
Så har det blitt vår i år
Og våren den er en klisjé
Den er en klisjé men hva gjør vel det

Vår tra la la
Vår tra la la
Vår tra la la
Vår tra la la
Vår i år

Og halvliteren er veldig dyr
Men på utecafe er det nok folk som kryr
Og gamle er gamle og unge er unge
Og jeg er en hyggelig fyr

Vår tra la la
Vår tra la la
Vår tra la la
Vår tra la la
Vår i år

Sunday, May 13

All alone working while the evening sun shines

So - I'm sitting here. I'm putting the last finish on Philosophy of Science with Ethics paper due tomorrow. It's been a fabulous - crazily buzy - last half week. You may read about the Nordic Bakhtin Dialogue seminar that we had Thursday to Saturday on the Study Feminism blog. Incredibly inspiring and motivating ;)

I think I am the only one working tonight. - and I wouldn't have been working if I hadn't had the deadline tomorrow. After tomorrow things calm down, though. I have a few conferences and seminars left before the summer mode really starts, but they're all very interesting and gives more energy than they take. That's such a privilege! Now - back to work! Knitting later on in the week I presume...

Tuesday, May 8

No paid advertising!

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... In these 'pay to get blogged'-times I need to clarify that Rostrup Cheese and Coffee are unfortunately not sponsoring me - they simply have the best of cheese and teas and coffee and chocoloate and marmalade and...*sigh* - I could go on and on and on and on... yummy!!!

P.S. check out their own special Earl Grey melange dating back to the Oste-Johnsen days... Saves any morning...

Knitty break

I need to take a break in the knitting an concentrate fully on essay writing and drafts for a presentation on Bakhtin and feminist theory Thursday. I will be back with more chevroning in a while...

Check Study Feminism!

For the time being I'm mostly femiblogging at - and knitblogging here. For those interested, do check out the Study Feminism-site!

Sunday, May 6


Tank top attempt

I have to find out how this works for a summer top in Drops silk tweed - spiced up by Rowan luxury cotton DK (the lime colour)...

Chevron racing in the pear area?

Friday, May 4

...way too tired, way too late...

- Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . (yawn) - lucky for me I made a night bolero...
Three shades of earth colours knit in one piece.
Will give instructions later.
Nice and warm.
y to bed.

Thursday, May 3

...could not wait...

"It is wonderful, it is magical..."

...can hardly wait...

I went out and got this DROPS silk alpacca to go with the Koigu yarn... - I cannot wait to get it started!

I almost forgot...!

I got this lovely Koigu yarn from a dear fellow knitter... New project soon coming up!

I had to treat myself with this ex. of Rowan biggy print when I was in Oslo - just to try it out - although I could only afford one skein :( - Way too expensive - but hopefully a nice detail for some project. (OK - they only had one left in this colour, too, - but I could never have afforded an entire garment anyway...)

Then this is of course way more acceptable - Dale of Norway - Ara - and with a lumpy spin, too ;)

Summer approaching... sigh... a few glimpses

Kimono going fast!

This project goes a lot faster than I would have thought. In between essay writing and kids and reading and all I move along!

New favourite tea cup and feminist theory

Can it be better?

Unspun merino

Have you seen anything this lovely? I could not walk past it... It is supposedly meant for felting, but I have to try to split the 5 meter yarn heaps and knit it on huge needles. It is so soft!

More silk tweed on sale (half the price!)

Now what can I possibly make from these lovely colours...? Cannot wait to finish the night bolero project and get started...