Monday, May 21

Back to the stitches

It has been a intense few days reading a lot of Bakhtin (first picture - yesterday turned out lovely weather, but chilly, chilly...). After all this flying way up high in 7th heaven with seminars, essay writing and all kinds of projects - most important than everything my latest deepening steps into Bakthin's world, I sense a bit of fatigue - driving me back towards my knitting tonight (last picture). Right now this is what I see - the fjord and the small islands - the mountains and the blue, blue, blue, blue sky... The birds are singing - the hill is covered with light green leaves - the sun is shining in my face and it's warm enough to sit out here on the terrace wearing only a T-shirt at 20h45... I will be knitting, hammocking and wine drinking tonight. I think I deserve it.

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