Saturday, June 30

Monday, June 18


I finally found Sara Stridsberg's novel Drömfakulteten - that I had run for since Thursday. I started it right away - and have already moved through 140 pages. The effects of this novel are quite comparable to the knitting as an alternative to continuous theoretical endeavours...

I found a lovely place to dine; Japanese dinner consisting of salmon salad, miso soup, fried king shrimps and vegetables and 10 delicious pieces of sushi before ice cream and green tea. It was nice eating out alone with my novels, ink pen and newly acquired Moleskine after 84 hours (lovely) collective, extroverted conferencing activities.

Puh... Then there was me and there was Gardermoen - and of course Valerie Solana - but by this I was getting very tired. I had a very nice meeting with a former teacher from the University of Tromsø, that I haven't seen in 12 years, but I wasn't too excited when my plane was delayed - the airport stuffed with people at 22h30 and no seats left. - Even the café I intended to go to closed because it was too late! I found a spot - stayed there for 15 minutes - and then met another super colleague from the University of Stavanger that I haven't spoken to in too long - and then SAS finally brought me home (sleeping) over the mountains...

bad connection - rainy, nice result

My travel agent had set me up with the worst connections - leaving me 5 hours at Arlanda and 2 at Gardermoen going back home Sunday. A very nice SAS-person - several actually - tried their best to redirect me without any luck - all the flights were overbooked (what is it with SAS these days? They'd better have some nice bonus price for me soon...). I ended up taking the C-train in to Stockholm centre - and through continuous small drops' rain (and wind) met the Swedish capital and her Gamla Stan for the first time. It was a nice meeting and I am sure we will meet again.

new silk tweed shawl

outdoor café break

knitting, listening, taking notes

homebound in airplane

I have been working so much lately - When I found myself waking up at 05h45 Thursday morning to be in time for my morning flight to Umeå via Oslo and Stockholm, I suddenly just knew: I HAVE TO BRING SOME YARN! - NEEDLES! - NOW! It was my last intended work journey this semester (I might end up with a few days in Copenhague in July, - but still) - and I really sense summer coming.

I ended up with a lovely earth coloured silk tweed and my favourite 4 mm bamboo needles, and felt the soothing effects just getting it in my hands... Through four intense theoretical days - meeting gender researchers from all over the world - mainly from the Nordic countries - I have found room to knit my way back to a material world. ...*sigh*-.

summer reading

Thursday, June 7

first pre breakfast dip of the season

heartbreakingly lovely friend

Practise random kindness
and senseless acts of beauty

I will...

summer food

Tuesday, June 5

top finished

Sunday, June 3

Italian knitting

I forgot to show you this! When on wine tasting outside Udien this woman was knitting while we tasted wine.