Monday, June 18

new silk tweed shawl

outdoor café break

knitting, listening, taking notes

homebound in airplane

I have been working so much lately - When I found myself waking up at 05h45 Thursday morning to be in time for my morning flight to Umeå via Oslo and Stockholm, I suddenly just knew: I HAVE TO BRING SOME YARN! - NEEDLES! - NOW! It was my last intended work journey this semester (I might end up with a few days in Copenhague in July, - but still) - and I really sense summer coming.

I ended up with a lovely earth coloured silk tweed and my favourite 4 mm bamboo needles, and felt the soothing effects just getting it in my hands... Through four intense theoretical days - meeting gender researchers from all over the world - mainly from the Nordic countries - I have found room to knit my way back to a material world. ...*sigh*-.

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