Tuesday, July 31

the taste of dried salty water on your skin

the scent of freshly cut grass under your feet
the fragments of sun beams trepassing the cooling leaves
the calm of a horizontal point of view

mamma's potatoe salad

2 kilos cold boiled potatoes
4 suitably big green apples
330 grams of mayones
1/3 litre of sour cream

yummy - yummy - yummy
with the barbecued goods of your liking

happy feet

morning sun

summer quest for bread rolls

leaving - coming back

Monday, July 30

peace of mind

This is the view from the front door steps of my parents' house and what I see every morning in the summer as I take the 5 steps from my bed room and sit down on the concrete in my pj's to just be before everyone else wakes up.
Right now I haven't done that since last summer - but now I'm back.

alpacca shawl

made it

I knit as mad - fastened the loose ends in the car going there - and was capable of offering a brown Drops Silke Tweed shawl to comfort its new owner on chilly, windful Danish evenings (when they might occur) by the west coast. This shawl has travelled Stavanger, Umeå, Stockholm, Stavanger, Copenhague, Stavanger, Sørlandet (Oslo somewhere along the way) and now Jylland and Aalborg while being knitted.

Sunday, July 29

speed knitting

I am knitting very fast this morning - as I did last night. I am planning on finishing my silk tweed shawl to offer someone this afternoon.

À plus!

Saturday, July 28


new energy

Today we went for a drive through Tranum, Brovst, Pandrup and ended up in Saltum. There we found Bindestuen - a superb yarn store with appetizing delicacies...

- new energy for tired femiknitters, after grey days with restless children...
(my husband practically shoved me into the store telling the kids - "Now mummy's gonna buy yarn" - I believe he realized I could use it! - and I spent all the time I needed there ;)

Atacama - 100% alpacca - hand dyed by Araucania Yarns, Chile

Atacama - 100% alpacca - hand dyed by Araucania Yarns, Chile
Do check out there colour card here ;)
They do several different qualities: wool, alpacca, cotton, angora and wool 1 ply.

Colinette cotton and wool - made in Wales
I chose the prism yarn - popsicle - described as follows:

Prism - Popsicle
Candy coloured dreams of spicy green, hot pinks and lemon yellow will take you to the funfair. Roll up, roll up. Climb on the carousel.

Friday, July 27

hybrid forms

I have been thinking about hybrids. (Last night and) this morning I found room for a bit of reading (yeah!), and brought my book out in the morning sun on the terrace. Within 2 minutes while indoor to fetch something the rain came :( - and now my pages are drying over the fridge... - I'd better start preparing breakfast instead. I am wondering how I can use Bakhtin's hybrid forms as part of my approach to Drömfakultetet. I will keep you posted as I figure out something.

morning walk on the beach

Wednesday, July 25

jonas hassen khemiri

"Och nu såhär i efterhand när du skriver dom här orden i et dåligt upplyst hotellrum i Göteborg efter en läsning på Högsbo bibliotek har du svårt att förstå varför pappor alltid skulle försvaras och mammor alltid smutsas. Kanske för att pappors positioner var alltför bräckliga för att testas."

Montecore, En unik tiger, s. 277.

gamle oles far for breakfast

there are no pictures -

- of the grey, pouring rain yesterday...

beautiful denmark

sleeping, reading across skagerak

Sunday, July 22

2 out of 3


Saturday, July 21

on y va

weird yellow object approaching
garden of madeleines moments
new view - old surroundings


Leaving work Friday afternoon I found this on my wind shield from a not so secret admirer. Mmm! I am obviously looking forward to holidays (that have now started!!) - but things have been so rewarding at work lately that I might have gone on without pause. - Then again - once I get beyond those first days of deconnecting to the deadlines and projects that everyone else take care of while I'm gone I know it will do me good. Really good...

Thursday, July 19


Monday morning I sat working in the lobby of hotel Esplanaden waiting for my Danish colleagues to arrive. It's really nice to sit working with people wandering about - it almost gave me the Bokkafé-feeling - except Sigrun wasn't there ;) It was a bit of calm before the storm! - From 11 and on we worked intensely throughout the day - apparently one of the warmest day in Denmark this (part of the) summer - but still extremely efficient and productive. We had a tiny break in the afternoon - and refreshingly went for a stroll at Kastellet. Lovely day and lovely people...


there was knitting and there was yarn

brunch at Illum 4th floor

merino and silk/wool yarn for happenstance and me