Friday, August 31

whatever makes me happy


floral details

I told you I'd have to get out for some flowers. Now they're spread all over the house - *sigh*...

musicology - planet earth

I have been working extensively the last two weeks - nights and days - so last night I decided to start the weekend early. Today I have taken it easy - watched a few episodes of the BBC-series Spooks on my laptop, discussing whether I felt up to baking almond biscottis and finally deciding that the urge for biscottis with my evening tea tonight was so great I did -.

I did so listening to Prince. I started off with Little Red Corvette - passed on through Musicology; definite favourites being Musicology, A Million Days (♥) , Life "O" The Party (hard to stand still), Call My Name (...), Cinnamon Girl (huge favourite!) to Planet Earth with Guitar (that has followed us through the summer), The One U Wanna C - mmm!

Have to get those biscotti out of the oven. Let me know if you want to taste (if they have not already been eaten...)! What I need to make my day perfect now is flowers... I have to get out get some.

Thursday, August 30

my drowning blue cups

These unbelievably blue cups were offered to me by one of my best friends 12 years ago or so. That was when we had recently discovered our common passion for tea - green, black, vanilla - mmmm... I haven't used them for a while now - tonight they're perfect for my vanilla calm down sip of tea...

Wednesday, August 29

anyone for breakfast?

Before Anne"s train left this morning we went for breakfast at Charles & De in Sandnes. We are trying to show off the better sides of the region in case she ends up here... Strawberry juice and lovely tea - to go with a cream omelette + salad and a few madeleines for Anne on the train.

beer tasting and mascarpone dessert

We have had Anne here for a few days - and last night she invited us to a beer tasting that involved a lot of good beer (and one disappointment). Our favourites were 2 sorts of Nøgne Ø from Grimstad and one from Bryghuset Braunstein - hand brewed at Køge harbour, Denmark - the last brought home this summer - a definite winner of the Denmark vacation. Having moved through 5 beers we went on to a delicious fruit and mascarpone dessert. I hazard a guess I risk taking that last one up again tonight :)

Sorry for the strange colours of the pics.

Tuesday, August 28

ostehuset - thé sur le nil

meeting preparations

Sunday, August 26

first spontaneous autumn hike

This area is situated close to where we live. This afternoon I found out at 16h that I wanted to take the kids for a mini hike - and 16h15 we were there. Refreshing and soothing :)

french inspired weekend meal

tallis scholars


gregorian chant

... - but now I sense that it's time to calm down and move on to more introverted fall meditation under pouring autumn rain; with cups and cups of green tea in the hammock listening to gregorian chant...

Friday, August 24

my chemical romance

This summer has been one continuous romance - and it won't let go... Travelling for 13 hours to and from Italy in May I got intimate with my now definitely favourite gadget ever - my white Ipod Nano - that has contributed to the most rocked summer since my mid-teens. I have actually had my Nano since it came on the market a few years ago, but somehow I never really started living with it - until now. Our new car does not have a mp3-player - but that does not matter when my Nano is with me :D Every summer has it's special album - and this summer's (for my part) has been My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade.

Thursday, August 23

gyllna skor

I'm flying... I couldn't help putting on these shoes yesterday -. Life is just golden these days. Mmmmmm...!

Tuesday, August 21

dreams, fantasy and outsideness

"Only when I retell a dream or a fantasy can it become finalized or (in Bakhtin's sense) artistic. In that case, however, I become not the author but a "hero" of the fantasy (I am now the author of the act of retelling). [...] "the first act of the artist [or reteller] is to invest the leading hero with a body" [...] a body with "surroundings". Fundamentally, creative art is produced not as a response to unconscious bodily frustration but as an act of conscious embodiment. Once something has a body, the artist can be "outside" it and the aesthetic is born."
Morson/Emerson, Mikhail Bakhtin - Creation of a Prosaics, p. 188.

*now* it's summer!

university campus after board meeting

back in the office - juhu!

The holidays are over for now. I'm back in the office meeting a buzy-buzy week - kicking off a(-nother) rather buzy semester. Today board meeting of the feminist network and finalizing draft to be presented in a workshop next week - later to be transformed into a paper for a PhD course later this fall.

Saturday, August 18

... me manques trop ...

la dune de pyla

visiting camblanes 2

This is where we lived 10 years ago - in a flat in the far end of the main house
(last picture here - first picture former post).

Lovely to be back!

visiting camblanes

le porge

fêtes d'anniversaire ;)

petit dej' et +

Every morning we woke up to a table set for breakfast prepared by PapyBové *encore merci!*
The kids got Poulain au lait chaud and pains au lait à Nutella :D

I savoured every second of baguettes, confiture abricot amande maison by Claire
accompagnié by Thé Vanille aux gousses de vanille.

Every night having put the kids to bed I was spoiled being served my favourite
infusion à la verveine.

waking up in blanquefort

After the worst rainy, cold, pouring summer in Norway
- what beats waking up under a Girondin sky?

summer night meal

Tuesday, August 7

Saturday, August 4

bare mosquito bitten feet

that's summer

de kasteløse

De kasteløse made the night when they reunited at Café Galleri in Grimstad yesterday. The average age of the Galleri guests seemed to have increased by ten years from the day before :D - and the fans sang along on a number of tunes eagerly presented by a hard working band. Nytelsesfestivalen 07 started Thursday and lasts until Sunday - and happy people were wandering about everywhere in the fabulous summer evening - under the star- and moon lit sky - as we walked back home to get to bed sometime before 03h ;)

Friday, August 3

the chronotope of meeting

Vacation time - when optimal - means kids staying up late - and sleeping in, and I have found myself a nice little routine of bringing stuff to read on my morning quests for bread rolls. - Getting an hour of quiet studying before everone else wakes up is perfect :D - These days I have been reading a few of Anker Gemzøes articles on Helle Helle. - and yesterday I read about the chronotope of meeting - and in Helle's case the non-meeting - in her "Fasaner" from 1996 ("Pheasants").

"Mødets kronotop er i følge Bachtins essay "Kronotopen" en meget elementær kronotop. Den er præget af eksistensiel intensitet; den tidlige græske eventyrroman, præget af denne kronotop, er opbygget om et tilfældig møde, der udløser en pludselig, men livsafgørende (og plotudløsende) forelskelse."

Gemzøe A., "Et ikke-mødes kronotop. Tid og rum i Helle Helles "Fasaner" (1996)", Edda. Nordisk tidsskrift for litteraturforskning. 1998 ; nr. 4, s. 357-368

I'm off for some more bread rolls - and who knows who I'll meet? Most probably Bakhtin.

terrace construction

handy father- and son-in-law

view from the new spot!