Friday, August 31

musicology - planet earth

I have been working extensively the last two weeks - nights and days - so last night I decided to start the weekend early. Today I have taken it easy - watched a few episodes of the BBC-series Spooks on my laptop, discussing whether I felt up to baking almond biscottis and finally deciding that the urge for biscottis with my evening tea tonight was so great I did -.

I did so listening to Prince. I started off with Little Red Corvette - passed on through Musicology; definite favourites being Musicology, A Million Days (♥) , Life "O" The Party (hard to stand still), Call My Name (...), Cinnamon Girl (huge favourite!) to Planet Earth with Guitar (that has followed us through the summer), The One U Wanna C - mmm!

Have to get those biscotti out of the oven. Let me know if you want to taste (if they have not already been eaten...)! What I need to make my day perfect now is flowers... I have to get out get some.


hodne said...

mmmm-ja takk!

femiknitter said...

;D - consider them served...