Sunday, September 30

different voices

There are some non-Danish voices on my breakfast table too. - This tea pot - Mono from Germany - has lived with me since - I don't know - 1994 or something? - and obviously there is Bakhtin; here in Swedish translation; Dostojevskijs poetik - that I am enjoying enjoying enjoying myself through these days...

for the love of denmark

I keep falling in love with Denmark. This time it's Malene Helbak's gorgeous mugs that I met yesterday in Stavanger. I cannot believe I haven't noticed them before... I had to bring home a big mug in Helbak Stripes (for my breakfast juice) - and a little one in Helbak flowers (for the milk for my tea). You can only try to imagine what it did to my Sunday breakfast experience to have these beautiful, functional pieces of art around me... *sigh*.
The excellence of the Danish is not new neither in my heart nor in my house - as you may well see; Here is my hearbreakingly perfect Eva Trio flower vase that was offered me for Christmas last year - my Bodum plates, my Eva Trio glasses - and the perfect jewelry of Danish knives - Bøgelund-Jensen/Raadvad stainless steel that revealed themselves at a flea market this summer...

cosmogirl - my love

Someone I love has had a even more of my thoughts and caring stitches than she usually gets these last few weeks (and that says a lot) -. I made her this shawl from Nikolaj garn - made in Denmark - bought in Copenhagen (I don't remember the name of the store - but I am going back!) this summer - developed by Hanne Thorsen - dyed and spun at Henrichsens Uldspinderi. From Denmark with love...

Thursday, September 27

finally - my books!!!

I ordered a number of nordic translations of Bakhtin &thensome more than two weeks ago - from - go - see - buy!!! - but the famous (argh!) managed to let them hang around in Oslo waiting to be cleared for the customs for SO long that I almost went mad... No patience here; I dare say. But yesterday I picked them up! ;D Juhu! - I am reading the swedish translation of Dostojevskijs poetik - parallelly reading the danish translation of Ordet i romanen (that came from a week ago) - and I am so enjoying myself... mmmmm!
And obviously; I had to order another few ex. of Drömfakulteten... - gifts for special friends who need to read :)

Sunday, September 23

autumn rain

Friday, September 21

autor & helt

I am analyzing the relationship between author, narrator and hero in Drömfakulteten by Sara Stridberg.

March 9th 2007 Annelie Axén wrote in Morgenbladet To Stridsberg with love when Drömfakulteten had been awarded Nordic Council's literature award: ”Når Sveriges Radios Kulturnytt intervjuer Stridsberg sier hun at romanen både er en fantasi om en historisk person, men at den like mye handler om det å fortelle en historie. Kan man overhodet fortelle om en annen person? Er det mulig, hyggelig, rimelig å fortelle om en annen person, spør Stridsberg.”


Wednesday, September 19

family structures

A few years ago my eldest son drew a drawing of our family - where I was wandering about taking care of the kids whilst my husband was having a nap on the couch. We found that quite amusing, since we both reckon our family to be quite well off; equality wise. Today my daughter drew a new drawing, that you may see here:

and apparently something happened :D My daughter is holding her little brother who hurt himself - my husband is smilingly coming to comfort him - whilst mummy works on her computer. Hm. *giggle* ;) *lol*

Thursday, September 13

fabulous freezing fall

If you try to look past the digging and the dirt resulting from the preparations for constructing a few houses below our present lodgings, - enjoy the splendid colours a 5 degrees C' September morning offers from my northern bed room (upper) and kitchen (lower) view...

Sunday, September 9

reviving my bonzai

This summer my bonzai nearly died... Ever since I have tried to bring it back to life, and I am happy to say it's happening! I'd better get some serious, professionnel help to taille it in a month or so - but new leaves are growing :D

sadly out again

I finished Happy Sally this morning, - and all I really want to do is grab my wet suite and dive into the grey, cold September sea and swim....

silk, alpacca, lamb wool

ølberg m/rødspette

Sunday outing at Ølberg with rødspette for lunch - almost like being in Denmark again ;)

somebody loves me

I don't often wake up to breakfast in bed - normally I'm up way before everyone else reading at weekends - but today I was served a delicious tray including Gamlaværket bread with scrambled eggs and fried ham - delicately presented with parsley and ruccola, thin slices of the best Comté I've tasted (having lived several years in France) - bought at Rostrup Ost & Kaffi, breakfast juice with squeezed orange, carrot, lime, apple and lemon, my favourite Rostrup Ost & Kaffi Earl Grey breakfast tea brewing - with a tiny bit of milk to add when ready - and two small slices of the self same bread with orange marmelade. - Not to mention Happy Sally and Sara Stridsberg - could it be any better? Mmm....
Well - I'll be returning to Happy Sally now. Later!

ch. canon 1990

I don't blog a lot about wines, - but this I must. Friday we drank a Ch. Canon 1990 - a very good millesime of a marvelous chateau - Premier Grand Cru Classé - in the St. Emilion region, Bordeaux. Our first stay in Aquitaine we rented bikes and carried wines in back packs up and down the hilly roads of Fronsac and les alentours. I'm not doing a degustation for you - simply saying that we enjoyed it - and that there is a limited number of people I would have loved to share it with.

Wednesday, September 5

au plein milieu de drömfakulteten

happy sally

I dove in

Tuesday, September 4

popsicle chevron

Monday, September 3


Today I am writing about Drömfakulteten - Sara Stridsberg's Nordisk Råd award winning novel from 2005:

er en litterær fantasi om Valerie Solanas: “[…] sextiotalflickan som skrev utopin och dystopin SCUM manifest, sköt popkonstnären Andy Warhol och dog ensam och fattig på ett socialfallshotell i San Francisco.” SCUM manifest – Society for Cutting Up Men [oversatt til svensk av Sara Stridsberg] – har bidratt til at Solanas framstår som del av den ytterste ytterfløy av 60-tallsfeminister. Det står å lese på bokens omslag:
”Drömfakulteten är inte en biografi utan en litterär fantasi som utgår från den döda amerikanskan Valerie Solanas liv och verk. Det finns få kända fakta om Valerie Solanas och den här romanen är inte heller trogen dessa fakta. Alla personer som förekommer i romanen måste därför betraktas som fiktiva, även Valerie Solanas.”

Since I entered Sara S' breathtaking universe travelling through Stockholm in June, - practically everyone I have recommended the book to has been absorbed by it. I am trying to focus on from which amongst all the possible entries to this novel I am supposed to start my analysis...

From my outside point of view today; the rainbow's end at the University of Stavanger [see picture]. Yet another dream faculty? There are (quite?) a few among us for whom desire lies within academia - at least as long as academia is part of society and RL as such.

Sunday, September 2

autumn projects 2

will be ?
will be huge shawl
will be wool and mohair blanket - thin, thin yarn on huge needles

autumn projects 1

will be pure unwound merino scarf
will be silk, alpacca, lamb wool shawl
will be classic dk and silk sweater or jacket (...)

the table is set

I'm organizing my yarn
to be able to clear cut projects for this fall

Saturday, September 1

whatever makes me happy 2

I continue my slow living this weekend - now slow writing snail mail for one of my longtime pen friends in France - dating back to about 1994. We met at the train station in Kristiansand. I overheard someone speaking French - two ladies well above my age - two friends - a Norwegian and a French, it turns out - and before getting on the train for Stavanger we had exchanged addresses; there you go.
Our letter writing activities have been there continuously - although more or less intense as my kids came along and e-mail took over as an easier way out. Yesterday I got yet another long letter - recounting the voyages of my dear, French friend made during the last months. She keeps me up to date on her grand children, her literature projects and travels. For a few years now there are no more news from her close Norwegian travel companion; she sadly passed away.
Now I am picking up my precious gold tip Waterman ink pen - offered to me for my birthday when we lived in Bordeaux more than ten years ago - refilled with turquoise ink from a tiny pen shop near Les Halles from my stay in Paris earlier this year - continuing the contemplating effect of hand writing a letter for a friend that has not heard from me in too long.