Sunday, September 9

somebody loves me

I don't often wake up to breakfast in bed - normally I'm up way before everyone else reading at weekends - but today I was served a delicious tray including Gamlaværket bread with scrambled eggs and fried ham - delicately presented with parsley and ruccola, thin slices of the best Comté I've tasted (having lived several years in France) - bought at Rostrup Ost & Kaffi, breakfast juice with squeezed orange, carrot, lime, apple and lemon, my favourite Rostrup Ost & Kaffi Earl Grey breakfast tea brewing - with a tiny bit of milk to add when ready - and two small slices of the self same bread with orange marmelade. - Not to mention Happy Sally and Sara Stridsberg - could it be any better? Mmm....
Well - I'll be returning to Happy Sally now. Later!

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