Saturday, September 1

whatever makes me happy 2

I continue my slow living this weekend - now slow writing snail mail for one of my longtime pen friends in France - dating back to about 1994. We met at the train station in Kristiansand. I overheard someone speaking French - two ladies well above my age - two friends - a Norwegian and a French, it turns out - and before getting on the train for Stavanger we had exchanged addresses; there you go.
Our letter writing activities have been there continuously - although more or less intense as my kids came along and e-mail took over as an easier way out. Yesterday I got yet another long letter - recounting the voyages of my dear, French friend made during the last months. She keeps me up to date on her grand children, her literature projects and travels. For a few years now there are no more news from her close Norwegian travel companion; she sadly passed away.
Now I am picking up my precious gold tip Waterman ink pen - offered to me for my birthday when we lived in Bordeaux more than ten years ago - refilled with turquoise ink from a tiny pen shop near Les Halles from my stay in Paris earlier this year - continuing the contemplating effect of hand writing a letter for a friend that has not heard from me in too long.


hodne said...

værgudene lover regn, massevis av regn, men det antar jeg bare er en fordel for dine helgeplaner?

femiknitter said...

ja - det skaper i alle fall ingen problemer. jeg har det helt fint i pysjen fra københavn i sommer, med garn fra jylland, bøker og moleskine fra stockholm og penn fra bordeaux:D