Wednesday, November 21


The weather is sunny and nice; I went to the market this morning - Place Monge. The rest of my only morning off this week went to cell phone calls to the travelling agency and the airline company, who between them had messed up my ticket formalities :( Hopefully there'll be time for another stroll one of the other days. At least I have to traverse le Jardin de Luxembourg to get to my seminar in the morning!


I'm reading Haruki Murakami After Dark - and Kastrup has got it's X-mas decorations.

the yarn

When in Copenhagen I found yarn ;) Noro Blossom for a sweater for my niece for X-mas - and 100% alpacca camel for a shawl to go with my new skirt. I'm in Paris now; here it's way to springlike for alpacca or wool. - and with the strike we keep walking - here, there, everywhere...

sorry about the colours of the pics...

Monday, November 19

den estetiske hendelse

I'm in Bergen preped for the research training course on the aesthetic event starting first thing in the morning. There are a lot of fine key notes, and we are looking forward to good discussions and interesting paper presentations. I brought my Noro knitting :) - will post a pic of the yarn tomorrow ;)

Friday, November 16


Different sources disagree upon Mikhail Bakhtin's birthday - November 16th or 17th - but I was surprised to find someone actually starting to argue about mine this morning; I am definitely sure that my birthday is today! I have had gifts, balloons, flowers, chocolat, smses, phone calls, love and kisses since I woke up... - and now we are soon moving over to Chablis and cheese fondue tonight :D We are enjoying a quiet, quiet weekend since I was in Denmark last week and move on to Bergen and Paris next week.

old knitting needles :)

Yesterday we went to help a great grand mother move into a caring home in Odda. I knew she once knit - but I didn't realize how many knitting needles she had lying around! As we tidied I found amongst other this relay; a wooden baton which was hitorically used to pass on messages from person to person; - but here marked "strikkepinner" - knitting needles - containing the longest of oldemormors old knitting needles. These colourful needles I don't see around often these days!

Wednesday, November 14

seasonal blurr?

Sunday we went for a walk at Ogna - a lovely area at southern Jæren - right before the flat sandy beaches turn into hilly landscapes. It had been cold; the water had frozen on the ground, and there was snow every here and there. Fighting our way out of a forest that we tried to pass through, my youngest son found this lovely little flower for me - nodding in the sunlight - apparently unaware that winter had arrived. You can see more of Ogna at Himmelrommet Ogna.

at læse er sexet!

As you all know Bokkaféen at the University of Stavanger is a cherished place for some of us to work - and while in Copenhagen I really love working in the café at Louisiana - in Den sorte diamant - when in Paris I do the same. I end up tracking down small cafés where I drift into my books. I just found Lilian Munk Rösing has written about this, half a year ago - and I totally agree! Check it out here!

Tuesday, November 13

richard avedon

If you go to Copenhagen in the near future, you have to visit Louisiana's retrospective portrait exhibition of Richard Avedon's oeuvre. The pictures that moved me the most were the incredible Samuel Beckett portraits that you may see here, the tender, naked picture of Marilyn Monroe - not posing, Charlie Chaplin leaving the US, - and - as earlier mentioned; the pics relating to Sara Stridsberg's novel - her literary fantasy about Valerie Solanas; Andy Warhol's scarred stomach - and the monumental images of The Factory gang. There are several hundred photos - do give yourself a sufficient amount of time to take them in...

Sunday, November 11

copenhagen over

I had an intense, inspiring, motivational, épuisant stay in beautiful Copenhagen last week - and I am now happy to be home with my loving/lovely/beloved husband and kids again. This weekend has been - and is - much about landing, after a summer and autumn - now instantly bygone with the first snow fallen on the mountain peaks next to our house - and thereafter regathering energy for the rest of November (including Bergen and Paris) and the always hectic December rush. I find myself starting to look forward to the Christmas holidays - although my usual very early Christmassy sensations remain way off. I - as always - had very interesting, inspiring meetings with Danish gender and Bakhtin colleagues - and will live off the tremendous surplus given by these - and the extraordinary blend of studying the aesthetic event - seeing Richard Avedon's tour de force of a portrait retrospective; including Andy Warhol's scarred (post Valerie Solanas) stomach, and the monumental photographs of The Factory gang - reading about the 60's pop aesthetic's - all within the range of Sara Stridsberg's still heartbreakingly lovely, painful, poetic, nauseating Dream Faculty; Drömfakulteten...

Wednesday, November 7

lousiana - day - afternoon - night

the black diamond - day - afternoon - night

lovely cph-hotel

I have been recommended the loveliest Copenhagen hotel - with fantastic organic everythings (especially the breakfast - mmmm!): it should remain a secret - but look at this! If you're a good friend I'll give you the adress...

Sunday, November 4


øvre eikenuten

Hiking November weather. We went out for s tremendous hike this afternoon. One of the kids burst out; "I didn't imagine this trip could be so much fun!" Tea, lemonade, fruit and sandwiches with a splendid view of Gandsfjorden, Stavanger, Sola, Sandnes, Tananger, the North Sea... The parking lot was crowded; we chose a different direction than all the others, and walked all by ourselves :)

Now; looking forward to Cph - Louisiana - Den Sorte Diamant - Bakhtin & Sara Stridsberg...