Sunday, December 30

back indoor with saramago

Just before Christmas - in time to order it before the vacations - I got a reading recommendation that I willingly pass on; José Saramago's Blindheten - or Blindness - a devastatingly well written (disturbing) book that will eat you up - at the same time (next to) impossible to put down. I have about 50 pages left and hesitate to read them; when I'm done I will be wanting I still had them coming...

rain washed away

This Christmas has been a rainy, wet one - but this morning we woke up to the bluest sky and a bright, warming sun. We have moved down to Sørlandet to enter the new year - and all enjoy quiet, slow days with games, books - and today; finally a trip outdoors' - to Marivold, where - as by magic - you find yourself in the middle of the scerries without having set foot in a boat. We brought my sister and brother with families and smsed two of my best friends (that I see way to seldomly) and met them with their kids for hot chocolate, Christmas goodies, coffee and the compulsory bonfire - overlooking boats sailing in to the sunset.

noro blossom sweater

When in Copenhagen in November I found a store with an entire wall covered by Noro yarn. Mmmm...! I didn't have time to finish my niece's sweater before Christmas - but slowly knit it 1st and 2nd day between yatzy and cakes - ginger bread and pate d'amande.

knitty gift

I got this off for France couple of days before Christmas; Nikolaj yarn and silk tweed - for my dear Janine in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Monday, December 24

as we were sleeping

someone snuck in...

Thursday, December 20

soon to be holidayed

I started the morning buying stamps and mailing about a 100 of the 150 Christmas cards I have written (the rest are personally handed over) - and the followed up by having pre Christmas breakfast at Ostehuset with one of my (totally) dearest friends. We - obviously - spent a lot of the time talking about Dossier K. and Autoritetens Genkomst - Bakhtin and strict polyphony.

I then had pre Christmas lunch (from Ostehuset ;) with my aunt that I haven't sat down and talked to in ages - have now worked for a bit - and am heading for a pre Christmas meeting with my PhD advisor. In 24 hours the kids are out of school and we are all hopefully (slowly) (lovingly) (deliciously) starting to be holidayed.

efficiency is my middle name II

My daughter had another birthday party coming up; I profited of those 1,5 spare hours to write 85 of my Christmas cards with a delicious rooibus tea and the most incredible chocolate cake I have ever tasted at Gamlaværket.

Monday, December 17

waiting for the sun to rise

I started this morning getting a link from a lovely/loving/beloved friend to Liselotte's blog Slagt en hellig ko... - posted from Aalborg, Denmark. Beautiful pictures and everyday reflections - with that hint of every day existential touch such reflections ideally should have. When you live and love you get there; "Life isn't easy; just fantastic" (quoting her sidebar)...
Today Liselotte brings her heart out into the big, wonderful world to have a lovely day - having heard rumours the sun might shine. I bet it is probably shining in Aalborg already... Here further north in Norway we still enjoy the pink horizon and light blue sky as the sun fights it way over the mountain tops - but I'm sure we'll see it here soon, too.

Sunday, December 16

seduced by kertész

dossier k. - self biography for two voices
better get another few books ready for the holidays...

Saturday, December 15

christmas preparations

I was hoping to receive Lilian Munk Rösing's Autoritetens genkomst, Imre Kertesz' Dossier K. and José Saramago's Blindheten in my snail mail before Christmas - and two of them arrived this morning!!! ;) Hurray!
The only thing that might ruin my reading plans for Christmas now, is if I just cannot wait (like last time I read Munk Rösing) and finish them *before* the vacations start... Sort of a problem de luxe, though, and I still have more Bakhtin and diverse approaches to discourse analysis to read before midst January anyway!

Thursday, December 13

santa lucia

It's St. Lucia - and we started the day in kindergarden with all the beautiful boys and girls parading -followed by the consumption of lovely lussekatter (see how to make them here ;) We're in midst of our busiest 36 hours this advent; 5 pre-Christmas parties - only separated by a few meetings at work and whatever else just has to be done at given moments one and a half week before Christmas... Better just hang in there!

Saturday, December 8

efficiency is my middle name

This year I am surprisingly calm and relaxed - though quite unprepared (compared to usual standards in the house hold) - when it comes to Christmas preparations. I normally start preparing gifts and cards quite early, but this year; nope. Thursday my precious littlt brother phoned to say he was getting in his car after work Friday - driving the four hours to get here - having dinner with us - and then returning the four hours back home - only to deliver (and fetch) Christmas gifts. Surprisingly - I hadn't ready any of the ones he was supposed to bring back from us. Friday afternoon my daughter went to a birthday party, and I managed to choose, buy, wrap and tag more than 20 presents - during the two hours she was there; ready for my brother to bring back to Sørlandet a couple of hours after. The best part is; I never even had time to start stressing... I'm sticking with this no-stress approach to Christmas next year, too! It's - tremendously peaceful.

days fly away

Wednesday, December 5

a prince is born

Early this morning my little nephew was born. I woke up at 01h19 - just like that - and at 01h21 I received a mms announcing the arrival of the little prince. Imagine that... All is well with the entire family :D

Sunday, December 2

2. yunnan golden tips

December 2nd tea is a black tea; to be brewed 4-6 minutes at 100 degrees Celcius. It immediately reminded me of a soft, tender variety of Lapsang Souchong - and it tasted very good with ginger biscuits with almonds...

29. Yunnan Golden Tips
En rund kraft­fuld gylden te med en maltet, let røget eftersmag og den typiske "lædersadel" duft. Klimaet og den fede bjergjord gør Yunnans teer til noget helt specielt, der ikke findes magen til andre steder i Kina. Teplanterne i Yunnan, som ofte er på størrel­se med store træer, giver et bredere, tykkere, blankere og mere spidst blad end det typiske Kina-blad. Denne Yunnan - fra Feng Qing haven i det vestlige Yunnan - er det bedste området har at byde på. Har den kraftige smag, som minder om en mere klassisk sort te, men er mere rund og let i smagen end klassisk sort te.

lights on the trees

Today is the first Sunday of advent - and we traditionally light our out door Christmas tree today. For the first time in years it wasn't storming rain - and it was a rather pleasant experience to climb the wobbly ladder to get as high as possible with the lights (not to the top, but still; high enough for us to see the lights from our 2nd floor kitchen&bathroom (pic. 2)). The view was splendid :) (pic. 3)

Now - sun having gone down, stars are lit, the huge X-mas "tree" at Ullandhaug is triumphing above the entire region, the far side of the fjord lit by hundreds of trees equally decorated; Christmas sensations are slowly, comfortably announcing their arrival... Mmm...-.

1. indian lemon

Mmm... Perfumed, soft, delicate, light yellow coloured in burgundy Kahla tea bowl.

Saturday, December 1

advent and calendars II

This is (one of) the calendar(s) we have used the last years - I believe it must be 32 or 33 years old now? We have not, however, been able to hang it up properly after we got three kids - it simply gets to heavy. Perfect, though, for my House of Tea (Copenhagen) - Tetemplet - tea calendar that offers us 24 exclusive teas - one for calming every December evening until the 24th. You can check out their selection here. Tonight we are starting off with Indian Lemon - to be brewed 2-4 minutes at 80 degrees Celsius. Mmmm... The hand picked tea is in silky bags -. *sigh*; Can hardly wait ;) After dinner...

19. Organic Indian Lemon
Denne te er en blanding af Sencha (klassisk japansk te) og Chun Mee (traditionel kinesisk te) tilført naturlig koldpresset lemonolie af sorten ”Indian Lemon”.

advent and calendars I

Last night we prepared 73 advent's gifts (we had a friend staying overnight ;) - using a particular feminist method involving small sachets on
a string instead of wrapping, taping, decorating with coloured ribbons - *argh!!!* - these tiny parcels - that become really, really, *really* annoying some time after 01h30 in the morning when you know you should be sleeping and the adrenaline blends with sleepy hormones. We spent only an hour doing the entire thing - and the kids are happy as ever ;) - (while the parents are calmer than never...)

silk tweed and nikolaj garn

I am knitting another shawl - advent's coloured; intended for a dear, friend for X-mas. It's been way to buzy at work lately - and it's so nice to pick up the needles to do something completely different ;)