Thursday, January 31

this is now

It has been a long time since I started my days working from bed! - but now I'm comfortably installed with my brekafast; tea, books, computer, notes, juice - :) and I have already done quite a bit. I am working on describing particular projects on gender and aesthetics within the big integrated project for the gender programme application. It is really motivating - and what I am actually doing is formulating and lifting forth the main questions we have been returning to in our study circle these last 2 years - and will continue working on towards the STING 08 conference in November.

resurrective tendency

Yesterday I spent lunch resurrecting as a climber. It has been *years* - since before the kids were born - but the adrenaline feeling hit me back again right away - from the simple fact of getting up there... - and we're going back. Fancy having 14 meters height - 455 square meters on campus! Love it.

Wednesday, January 30

dreaming of letters

I want to open a novel - get in - and stay there...

Tuesday, January 29

enthusiastic applicants

We spent the day board meeting followed by application writing for the gender research programme due February 13th. As you may well see - we were happy about the progress of the afternoon! More about all of this buzy day at Study Feminism!

Monday, January 28

colis from japan

This afternoon we received a parcel from Japan! My pen friend through 20-something years had sent me green tea and Japanese tea ware to go with it :) - and perfect biscuits for the children, too... Splendid!

Sunday, January 27

fin de WE - fin d'anniversaire

We are so spoiled... (Some of) our dear, dear friends (these count as family...) in Bordeaux sent us another colis for X-mas containing amongst other du foie gras, that we happily have savoured tonight... Mmmmmmmmm... - with half a bottle of Sauternes brought back from Aquitaine this summer - . And pain grillé. Immensely appreciated!

bourgogne premier grand cru classé 1989

mmmmmmmmm... accompanying carré d'agneau & patates amandines marinés aux herbes - and it doesn't taste worse knowing that it is a wine we have brought back from France when we lived there in the mid-90s!

to the top

little denmark - hellestø

Saturday, January 26


New chocolate eldorado in Øvre Holmegate, Stavanger... Hot, melted valrhona chocolate so full the whipped cream tastes light and refreshing!

high tide

Friday, January 25

another birthday!

Thursday, January 24


accompanying gender & aesthetics

Wednesday, January 23

gender and aesthetics

I jumped from PhD course of dialogic discourse analysis to application writing; aiming at the Norwegian Research Council's Gender Research Programme - due February 11th. Right now I am writing about Hilde Hein and Carolyn Korsmeyer as theoretical approaches to the feminist & gender aesthetic field. I am doing this as part of an application work group - and we are getting together again Tuesday afternoon to merge our preparations. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the dynamics of the scientific process taking me in directions I hadn't foreseen before I dove into it. Yummy yummy yummy! This is *so* the *really* enjoyable part of this job!

Tuesday, January 22

comfortably horizontally

Mmmmmmmmm! It's cold outside - but it's warm in here. Blogging in front of the fire place - no plans for the night except; good book - a cuppa t - listening to tones from a guitar - kids smilingly tucked in their beds - perhaps a touch of vanilla ice later.

watercolours - the wishing well

Stavanger 2008 is here. In Sandnes this project called watercolours has been launched - here represented by the main attraction called The wishing well. Check it out here! The kids (and their parents) really enjoy running around watching the colours and lights following their moves...

Sunday, January 20

ordet - i romanen

Bakhtin - and the Bakhtin circle - focus upon the word as an utterance uttered in a real life situation - by a living "I" - directed towards an equally living "You", never objectified. The utterance is never simply defined by its linguistic character, but dependant upon the context in which it is uttered - the gestures and intonation accompanying it. It carries a reflection of every former situation in which it has been uttered - holding also the potential of future responses to it - as well as relations to other words surrounding it - in what Bakhtin calls an infinite dialogical chain. The novel is, due to Bakhtin, the privileged genre in representing the word in living contexts - and José Saramago's Seeing (En beretning om klarsyn) is (unsurprisingly) a prominent example of this. The word - the uttering - in the Bakhtinian sense - is centre of attention both through the way the novel is formally arranged - and by thematical activation:

"Men hvis vi ennå ikke har glemt det sukket og det bydende tonefallet som vi syntes å merke oss på et gitt tidspunkt i samtalen, vil det være logisk å tenke seg at samtalen, idet vi formoder at det i den andre enden befant seg en person i familien, ikke var så fredsommelig og lærerik som hans berettigede interesse som samfunnsborger og formann tilsa, og at han nå ikke hadde den fornødne sinnro til å kaste seg ut i ubetenksomme improvisasjoner, og derfor unndrar seg vanskelighetene og oppfordrer sine underordnede til å ytre seg, og det er, som vi vet, en annen, mer moderne måte å være sjef på." (s. 18)

"Før vi fortsetter med denne beretningen, kan det være helt på sin plass å forklare at bruken av ordet hviting for noen linjer siden, ikke er et resultat av feilslag på pc-tastaturet, og langt mindre var snakk om en neologisme som fortelleren i all hast har funnet på for å fylle et tomrom. Ordet finnes, det er bare å slå det opp i en hvilken som helst ordbok, problemet, hvis det da er noe problem, bunner i at folk er overbevist om at de kjenner betydningen av ordene blank og hvit og alle deres avledninger, og derfor kaster de ikke bort tiden på å forsikre seg om kilden, eller også lider de av det syndromet som kalles dovent intellekt, og derfor lar de det bero med det, de går aldri lenger, aldri på oppdagelsesferd. Ingen vet hvem det var i denne byen som var så nysgjerrig at han slo opp, eller hvem som gjorde det tilfeldige funnet, sikkert er det bare at ordet spredte seg fort, og straks med den nedsettende betydning som skinner igjennom bare man leser det. Selv om vi ikke tidligere har vært inne på det, er det en beklagelig kjensgjerning i enhver henseende at massemediene, og da i sær det stalige fjernsynet, allerede benytter ordet som om det var snakk om den verste slibrighet. Når vi finner ordet på trykk og bare ser på det, tenker vi ikke så mye over det, men hvis vi hører det, når det sies med snurpede lepper og en foraktelig undertone, må man ha en moralsk rustning som en ridder av det runde bord for ikke straks å legge på sprang, med snor om halsen og botferdig striskjorte og slå seg for sitt bryst og fornekte alle gamle prinsipper og påbud, Hviting var jeg, hviting skal jeg aldri mer bli, måtte fedrelandet tilgi meg, måtte kongen tilgi meg." (ss. 126-127)

- and at this point Saramago is delicately developing a living dialogue with his former novel Blindness (Blindheten), - where a mysterious kind of white blindness crippled the same capital in which Seeing a few years later takes place - offering another complex layer of resonance for both simple and complex utterances - in the novel.

...but i have to admit...

that as long as i don't get interrupted by all those incredibly unuseful annoying challenges to get by (i'll accept a few as long as they're not too difficult to move beyond) - and am permitted to make my way through the narrative from the intercepting angles of lucas (murderer), carla (detective), tyler (carla's partner) - and (not so often) markus (lucas' brother) - fahrenheit is quite intriguing - clearly rewarding empathic dialogic interaction. having been aided by my son to get by the point where my patience came to an end, i admit that i get excited actually thinking i am getting somewhere towards discovering the (still) secret plot.

Saturday, January 19

week completed

Monday to Friday was stuffed with interesting lectures & discussions - first with Kjell Lars Berge's methodology lectures from a text cultural perspective - thereafter with the Gorm Larsen & Atle Skaftun's closing in on a dialogic discourse analysis with different approaches.

We got both a solid introduction to the back ground texts of discourse analysis - with Foucault, Habermas and Dines Johansen - a likewise solidly painted picture of the Bakhtinian potential - exemplified towards the end with different references. The participants of the seminar came from numerous different backgrounds; french, compared literature, literacy studies, psychiatry, nursing, nordic studies, management (social responsibility), pedagogics and more - which gave fruitful discussions - and apparently everyone was trigged to writing papers related to their ongoing projects.

After this weekend just taking it *really* easy, I am starting *my* paper on the potential of a dialogic discourse analysis. I am now certain I will be starting off from the earlier mentioned Voloshinov text... As for right now; kids are asleep, husband giving rock concert with his band (Stud Muffin - who are redoing their home page after a hacker visit) and myself preparing tea; considering whether to go for Saramago or Fahrenheit first (I can now happily procede with the narrative of Fahrenheit: I had my son's assistance bringing me past one of those unnerving cruxes that underline why I don't spend more time on computer/ps games than I do... I just definitely don't have neither the time nor the energy or interest to attempt sneaking past a military guard more than 5 times to be able to move on in the story!!)

and by the way!; - and this really *is* no "by the way" - it is a big deal; This week Network of feminist theory and gender studies in cooperation with Institute for culture and languages finally started our Introduction to feminist theory and gender studies - a credit earning course formalizing what we have been working on more or less since we came into the Network in it's very early childhood. (Until now all teaching of feminist theory and gender studies at UoS has been on a informal basis; study circles, conferences, seminars - you name it). A bunch of students have signed up and more have signalled that they want to follow the classes, that mainly will be taught by Ingvil Hellstrand. Ingvil is subject responsible and I am main responsible for the course - and this event is a good excuse for getting together more informally again soon!

ps. tea of the night:
Jade Bamboo (from Tetemplet in Copenhagen) er en håndrullet kinesisk grøn te fra Jing Gu haven i det sydvestlige Yun­nan, Kina. Teen bliver presset og bundet sammen, umiddel­bart efter den er dampet. Derved bibeholder den sin friskhed og fulde smag. Jade Bamboo er berømmet blandt mænd for dens afrodiasiske egenskaber.

Monday, January 14

jørgen dines johansen

Allez! I got out of Foucault and back into him through Dines Johansen's "Literary Discourse - A Semiotic-Pragmatic Approach to Literature" (2002) where I stayed until midnight. Now in the office picking up where I paused last night... - in Habermas' critique of Foucault and the difference between them when it comes to dialogue.

Sunday, January 13

- and then foucault

I would've liked to dwell longer with Voloshinov - but I guess that will have to wait until the seminar starts Wednesday. - I still have a number of pages to get through; I am now onto Foucault's History of sexuality (admittedly not surfing with the exact same level of enthusiasm as I was earlier today). - I hope to finish the Foucault extract and then perhaps make Said or Dines Johansen, too, before bed time.

-or perhaps my head just says stop before that - and demands a larger amount of Saramagos Seeing - than it has been granted the last nights - for the sake of emptying my head somewhat before sleep and avoid large discourse analytical reflections in my dreams... We'll see.

I am - by the way - starting to think there's somthing weird going on; I just found out Saramago - as Bakhtin - are born the same day as myself. I'll call it a coincidence as long as Sara Stridsberg doesn't turn out to be born then, too!


I Friday finished G. Larsen on subjectivity i narratives and at 01h30 this morning closed the last page of A. Skaftun about "Utterance, text and dialogue" and "Dialogic author-ity and the creative process". Since waking up I am on to Bakhtin's friend and colleague Voloshinov's "Discourse in life and discourse in poetry: questions of sociological poetics" (1926) - and excitingly discovering its connections to and relevance for Bakhtin's aesthetic event from
"The problem of content, material, and form in verbal art" - dating from Bakhtin's first period (1920-1927) - formulating complementary focal points to the problem in question compared to Bakhtin.

As far as I can see it is exactly Bakhtin's insistance on an aesthetic event consisting of an insolvable unity of the epistemological, the ethical and the aesthetical that forms Bakhtin's unique frame work for a dialogic discourse analysis with specific relevance for the analysis of literary discourse - distinguishing it from a number of other types of discourse analysis. - This will be my point de depart for this week's seminar on dialogic discourse analysis.

Can hardly wait. Can hardly wait. Can hardly wait.

Saturday, January 12

done :)

The party is over, the friends have gone home, and the birthday boy is very content (the cake is decorated after the his instructions!) Now; a quiet afternoon having restored the house to a clean state - books, computer, good food tonight - mmm...!

birthday preps

Tomorrow there's a birthday going on. I have made jelly, carrot cake, muffins, candy bags for 15 5-10 years' olds - prepared the american pancake ingredients', - so that we'll only have to fry them in the morning - and set the table for birthday breakfast for 7. We blew a ton of giant balloons - some a bit too gigantic, perhaps, (they're enormous!) - and they have started popping (scaring us to death). I hope they won't continue doing that all night. That might get hectic... Well - a bit of reading - and then - hep! - off to bed.

Thursday, January 10

moved on

I finished Ordet i romanen and am now on to Gorm Larsen's "Subjektivitet i fortællinger" from K&K 101 (2006) (here in the hallway waiting for my daughter's drama class to end). I already have looked forward to our course next week for a long time; - now I am getting really excited ;) These will be such relevant perspectives for what I am working at!!

0 Rh-

I started this morning at the hospital with Bakhtin for a first; my first blood donation. I have planned to do this for years; my parents have always done it - but I had to wait until I had an average of physical surplus energy in a buzy everyday life - which has not necessarily been the case the last twelve years being pregnant, breast feeding or having under school age kids.

The blood bank has a nice fridge stuffed with apple juice and other drinks (it's important to drink before and under the donation) and bringing along Bakhtin I had quite a relaxing horizontal half hour as the technicians drained me for the half litre they take up to three times a year (the draining as such only takes 5-10 minutes). I didn't even get dizzy - so now I'm on. The blood bank needs more blood donators - so if you want to register: check here.

Wednesday, January 9

from north and south

...of France the snail mail brought more books, candy and gifts for the kids (and delicacies & letters for the adults). Someone will be happy when they get back from school this afternoon!

a room with a ceiling window

- and a fire place for heat - makes reading so sweet.

Monday, January 7

inspiring afternoon...

I dove back into Bakhtin's Ordet i romanen and I already feel the thrill... Mmm! I am now driving my youngest to their gymnastics class - a finding a spot to read until they're finished. Tji-hi!

inspiring morning!

I have started this week in the best possible way - receiving critical constructive inspiring feed back on my ongoing text about Sara Stridsberg's Drömfakulteten - setting me off on a roller coaster trail of thoughts that I will enjoy as the week proceeds. I am now getting lunch while cruising through Lilian Munk Rösing's Autoritetens genkomst (7 pages left) - thereafter to dive into Bakhtin's Ordet i romanen preparing for next weeks' course of dialogic discourse analysis. I have had Twinings ever best vanilla tea in my Cecilie Morgenstierne cup - brewed in our new delicate Georg Jensen tea pot that we got for Christmas - it looks small, but it actually takes nearly 1,5 litres - and the tea stays hot for a long time! Perfect for my long reading sessions. Well; better get that lunch!

p.s. wanna see the noro sweater in use?

Sunday, January 6

current reading

This is the current stack of books (&thensome) next to my bed (which does not mean I read only when in bed; on the contrary - this is just my private spot to stock literature that I need to have within immediate range - all the time!) Some books are ongoing (5 + the Fahrenheit computer game that has been granted audience; it cannot stay in the PS3 machine, because then the kids might start playing it - and it is too violent for that), some very recently read (3), some just arrived in the house (4) and due within the next two weeks - and some started a while ago [but not finished] (3) - the last 3 being my Moleskine notebook, my Moleskine agenda 2008 - just opened - and the snail mail address book that has been used for my Christmas card writing... The books are all in one way or another linked to gender &/or aesthetics and/or dialogism &/or polyphony - and meetings as form of aesthetic events. - and that is so exactly where I am and will continue to be within foreseeable future!

christmas officially over

Today is the 13th day of Christmas - so when we wake up in the morning we are undressing the Christmas tree. The kids already killed the ginger bread house ;I

Thursday, January 3

kusmi and munk rösing

kusmi prins vladimir & munk rösing at home this afternoon
kusmi earl grey with citrus & flower & munk rösing at charles&de

munk rösing about reading in cafés here