Wednesday, February 27

cph afternoon

I have had a lovely afternoon in Copenhagen. I had tarte de fraise & crème vanillé + green tea and Bakhtin at Café Norden - I wandered in the sunny, windy streets of centre ville (finally trying my new shades from Cph November) and spent an hour or so with my personal underwear consultant - that helped me find the perfect bikinis this summer. I just have to recommend her; go to Illums - Wunderwear's department on the 3rd floor - and even shopping (that I normally quite hate (except for yarn and books) (and wine and good food)) turns out to be fun and relaxing.

When I arrived at the hotel my wilan worked perfectly; now it doesn
't - so you might have to wait a wee bit for pictures - but they'll come.

envers hafnia

Tuesday, February 26

green tea moment

- and Bakhtin + and aesthetic events ;)

sunday dinner

meat balls with chili, red onion, pepper & garlic
green lentilles
chorizo salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and balsamico
italian red wine

Saturday, February 23

my time

Quite a few of you have doubted my insistance of 7 days with 6 (and 3 days 9 ;) kids in a cottage in the middle of nowhere being relaxing. Well; it has been. I have actually read a lot - novels and articles - horizontally on the sofa - sitting in the sun on the terrace - worked quite a bit with my ongoing writing project (especially after the little ones had gone to bed!) - and I have definitely managed to land after a most intense start of 2008 in January and February. I am now set for new tasks - this week in Copenhagen. Mmm... Cannot wait.

needy knitting

Already Sunday night I had to start a project that I finished the morning after - and that became a good investment ;)

limited beach left

winter storm

Having enjoyed fall - fall - spring - summer (for the first 4 days) - fall came back and transformed to winter lasting the rest of the week. Good for us, then, that muffins taste superbly with hot mexican chocolate in front of the fire place with the wind howling around the cottage and waves hitting the windows with salty, salty water. (ps. this last shot really demonstrates how the cottage is literally situated on the beach!! - there is terrace, a stripe of lawn, picket fence and beach. the pic is taken from the living room!)

february summer night...

tree sitters


so many things to do!

The kids really enjoyed themselves - and 7 days took off faster than imaginable - as always. Our spot is an eldorado for children - for climibing, hide and seek, sand castles, treasure hunts, knitting and other fun things - and we had it almost to ourselves, since it's normally more of a summer phenomenon than a February one.

all seasonal winter holidays

We just came home from winter holidays that involved automnal, wintery, springlike and summery weather - all within 7 days by the sea. Here are some of the knitty projects I brought along, photographed the springlike day when I knit on the terrace from breakfast until the evening.


12 kilos of oranges
80 eggs
8 kilos of carrotts
14 breads
30 bread rolls
60 muffins
40 wheat buns
3 liters of yoghurt
4 mangos
21 litres of fruit juice
25 litres of milk
20 apples
5 iceberg lettuces
1 nugatti
1 sjokade
2 glasses of jam
some snacks
some chocolate
some ice cream
mexican chocolate
jade bamboo green tea
prins vladimir kusmi tea
rostrup ost & kaffi ostejohnsen earl grey blend
home made almond and chocolate biscotti
- and a ton of other yummies...

Saturday, February 16

school's out!

- so we're heading for a cottage on a beach - me and 6 kids - for a week - with my books and good food and no internet connection. I count on reading, writing and relaxing - between walks on the beach and good food and a bit of wine.

We just had home made scones for breakfast (someone in this house is lucky enough to have breakfast served in bed around 10-11ish every Saturday and Sunday if he wants). C U in a week!

Wednesday, February 13


What better than baking a hundred almond and chocolate biscotti to get down to earth?

- finally time for a *long* delicious breakfast in bed

I have prepared Prince Vladimir Kusmi Tea, milk, baked feminist croissants (hep! in the oven), mixed defrosted blackberries from our garden bringing along memories of the summer that never was (which is quite accurate speaking meteorologically of 2007) - and also of the one that so definitely was (in a ton of other manners), poured the juice, cut the mature cheddar and picked the blue grapes. All waiting alongside Virginia Woolf's Orlando (revisited). Mmmmmm... It might be time for a few rounds of Fahrenheit today. Afterwards. I think I catch a glimpse of blue above the clouds.

- - -

If it has been quiet here - it's because it's been buzy there. Time to rest a weeny bit.

Sunday, February 10

sunday morning

spring in the air

First day of spring - unofficially - with article reading on the porch in the sunshine under the three next to the mountains.