Monday, March 31

cialdine di matilde

I am working from home this morning; annoyed by the constant noise from construction machines beneath our house - which is why I have stuffed ear plugs in my ears and am now present mostly inside myself ;) I'm having my morning tea and have already done quite a lot for several hours - so I figured I could treat myself to some tasty chocolate stick biscuits to keep up the good work! These are delicious! Consider them recommended...

Sunday, March 30

pure friendship

This is it. A perfect moment. Approaching 90 minutes of mere joy. Finding my very best writing & thinking companion wrapped up in the act, so intensely she doesn't notice my passing outside the window - so deep she doesn't mark my presence 10 feet away - so fiercely she cannot realize I'm standing there smiling, full of expectation, for seconds of happiness that seem to last a lifetime each. I'm sparkling! This is bliss. Sensing the unlimited energy of pure friendship.

ideal breakfasts

different preferences

novelistic urge

When playing Fahrenheit, a main challenge throughout the game (as in a lot of computer games!) is to make choices for your characters that ensure their well-being; they must not get too stressed, exhausted, worn out. Not taking care of the physical and mental health of Carla Valenti, Lucas Kane and Tyler Miles will end the game, so do make sure to refill the energy bar!

Yesterday I got an instant urge to drown myself in literature again. We went to the library, and I came home with Hanne Ørstadvik, Trude Marstein and Helle Helle - all x 2. I already finished the short Entropi of Ø's - presumably a novel - , and am now floating off in M's Gjøre Godt. I have high expectations to Helle Helle, but it really annoys me how they don't stock Danish original texts (even if Trude Marstein made the translation to Norwegian) at the library. The annoyance is the same that I felt last summer untiringly searching for Sara Stridsberg's Drömfakulteten to offer a friend (not having the time to order it from; she won the Nordic Council literature award, for heaven's sake!, and they don't sell it in Norway because it hasn't been translated to Norwegian?!?!? It will be on the market from May or so, Aschehoug is bringing it on, but why on earth not offer the Swedish original, too - right away! - we can all read it!?!

Well. Anyway; I am ensuring the state of my mental health, in a Fahrenheitish manner, by reading novels. And it so does the work. (Even if I don't get the Stridsbergian kicks) these books restore a balance I have hard to find elsewhere.

Monday, March 24


stitching up

early winter morning

going home

yellow breakfast

easter day

bonfire under moonlit sky

someone jumped by with eggs

starting over again

the other side of march

the grey day

now, this is where I want to knit
Donald Duck & co pocket library
changing weather

spring setting sun


- and late lunch at the terrace in the sun by the sea.

winding up

Thoughts wander off quite excellently while winding up yarn, too. This is the yarn my favourite yarn trader brought back home from Stockholm a few weeks ago. It's a wool & silk melange that I have been wondering what to turn into. During the holidays it actually turned into to two sweaters; first one - too little for the recipient - and then a bigger, that hopefully fits.

trip in the car

We were set for out first (long) trip in the car after reading Naja Marie Aidt's "Tur i bil". Although Aidt's short story is utterly recognizable at all detailed levels, I actually find the intensity of the one and a half hours *before* getting in the car are often a lot more distressing than the actual car trip. Once in the queue - with all the time in the world (no ferry boats on our itinerary this time ;) - might as well just plug in the Ipod with be it Bo Kasper's or the likes, and lean back to sense the warming effect of late March sun rays - as thoughts wander off, much like Aidt describes them to do...

Wednesday, March 19

happy easter

I got these from a super Danish colleague - and pass them on; Happy Easter!