Sunday, March 30

novelistic urge

When playing Fahrenheit, a main challenge throughout the game (as in a lot of computer games!) is to make choices for your characters that ensure their well-being; they must not get too stressed, exhausted, worn out. Not taking care of the physical and mental health of Carla Valenti, Lucas Kane and Tyler Miles will end the game, so do make sure to refill the energy bar!

Yesterday I got an instant urge to drown myself in literature again. We went to the library, and I came home with Hanne Ørstadvik, Trude Marstein and Helle Helle - all x 2. I already finished the short Entropi of Ø's - presumably a novel - , and am now floating off in M's Gjøre Godt. I have high expectations to Helle Helle, but it really annoys me how they don't stock Danish original texts (even if Trude Marstein made the translation to Norwegian) at the library. The annoyance is the same that I felt last summer untiringly searching for Sara Stridsberg's Drömfakulteten to offer a friend (not having the time to order it from; she won the Nordic Council literature award, for heaven's sake!, and they don't sell it in Norway because it hasn't been translated to Norwegian?!?!? It will be on the market from May or so, Aschehoug is bringing it on, but why on earth not offer the Swedish original, too - right away! - we can all read it!?!

Well. Anyway; I am ensuring the state of my mental health, in a Fahrenheitish manner, by reading novels. And it so does the work. (Even if I don't get the Stridsbergian kicks) these books restore a balance I have hard to find elsewhere.

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