Saturday, April 12

chronotopian novel theory

This is totally not what I'm supposed to focus upon right now. I'm supposed to a/ wrap up my Stridsberg text, b/ get back into my "Discourse in Life and Discourse in Poetry" (Voloshinov 1926) vs "Content, Material and Form in Verbal Art" (Bakhtin 1924) reading or/and c/ reformulate my PhD project description per spring 2008. Well, I guess I could argue that replunging into the chronotopian novel theory (by a short cut through J. Bruhn: Romanens Tænker, 2005) - IS part of c/ - . But it's not what I was supposed to do tonight. I am quite enjoying myself, though. And I had a really good day doing both a/ and c/ stuff & then some earlier today - so I guess I'll just get back in there - until I'm tired enough to go to bed. And then tomorrow morning; sleeping in - preparing birthday weekend breakfast with american pancakes - and just calmly enjoying one of the few really quiet home weekends before taking off towards Cph...

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