Saturday, April 26

conferences coming up

I have an exciting list of upcoming conferences & seminars that I am attending this year. The first is a three-day Bakhtin seminar with the research network Nordic Bakhtin Dialogue - and is due May 27th - 29th - partly at Schæffergården outside Copenhagen - partly at Copenhagen University Amager, where we are keeping an open session the last day. I'm talking about the potential for considering an aesthetic event within a dialogic discourse analysis for the closed seminar - and about "Sara Stridsberg's polyphone Drömfakulteten as a gendered aesthetic event" at the open part.

In July/August I'm heading for Canada and the XIII Bakhtin conference. My paper is called "Dialogical discourse analysis?" - and I am so looking forward to an entire week of splendid talks and discussions!!

In Octobre I am heading for Växjö in Sweden for Writing in a post-Derridean era - where I am talking about
"Ideology of Form in Sara Stridsberg’s Drömfakulteten (2005)" - This is also an incredibly exciting event, and I cannot wait to get there.

In November we are hosting our long planned STING -2008 - Kjønn og estetikk i et flermedialt perspektiv - highlighting the 2,5 year work in the gender and aesthetics study circle. I haven't quite decided what I aill be talking about there yet - but it will definitely be within gender/aesthetics/bakhtin - with or without Sara Stridsberg...

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