Sunday, April 13

en descendant

I am descending. The last days' focus upon getting back into actual research problems that I am dealing with (and putting research fund applications way behind!) is making it's effect - and now may brain works day and night sorting out puzzles that have to be solved. It's a tremendous experience; half way's waking up in the middle of the night realizing the obvious logic of some link you hadn't been able to take in before. It's even more amazing when you walk it through the following morning uncovering that it actually works - and that you haven't been tricked by the often seducing fallacies of dream logic. And to think of me now facing 962 nights and days dedicated to reading, thinking & writing - plunging into problems and challenges here - there - back here again; rethinking - reformulating - refiguring frustratingly rewardingly indescribably painfully formidably - most of all dynamically - issues of vital importance for moving those wee steps further that research ideally will bring me. I love dwelling down here...

I still regularily have to nip my arm to understand I'm not dreaming.

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