Sunday, April 6

first brunch at the terrace at bieodden

I have been in Grimstad this weekend, due to a really sad occassion. My extra-mother; two of my very best friends' mother - that has played an important role in my life since I was 12 - and particularily until I moved to study away from home in the late 80s, died having fought lymphae cancer for more than a year. I went down for the funeral and ended up spending the entire weekend since I got ill :( The upside of these sad events (that were actually accompanied by even others!) is that I got to spend time with my friends, their families (being my extended family) and my own (first hand) family - for instance here Saturday noon as I had brunch at the terrace for the first time this year - with my Mum, my favourite super hero brother and his equally favorable partner. I just love seeing Ulehaue in the horizon... sipping tea with milk - knitting a few stitches.

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