Tuesday, April 29

gaining wife points

I spent this morning gaining wife points (to trade for more nerdy research time? ;) - and possibly some external mother points, too (not internal; my kids are too young for this...) I wouldn't put to much into it - but there seems to be a certain silent respect involved when you queue up number 7 in line to secure a copy of the scarce GTA IV for PS3 and everyone in front of you is male teenagers. It doesn't seem to shrink as the queue quickly grows to 60 - still 99 % young men - and one and another (seemingly) fellow mother or wife.

I realize my gendered prejudism here; they might have been gamers, too -. Me - I tend to avoid the gaming consolls because it doesn't take time (at all) to get hooked; and I just don't have time for that. I never understood the computer game thing with key board steering - but the Game Cubes, The Wiis the PS3s - hmmm... they definitely have what it takes to make people addicted - which is also why I have a certain level of understanding for the frustration my kids express when I cut them off in the middle of a game (if they don't turn it off after having had their time to save & then some). - and I do see that used with a certain amount of critical distance - and with certain restrictions on time use, it can be a good distraction even for adults. (Yes, yes - I have recently been there with Fahrenheit... although not purely for distraction!!)

PS. I got a copy for my brother in law, too. He had queued up in front of the wrong store, where they only had 50 ex... Geez... So many happy men...

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