Tuesday, April 15

picture (laughing) evidence

Here's the hard core evidence of my unbelievingly fast growing son! Since Octobre he has just taken off - and though he still has 10 cms to go to get taller than me (175 cms), he definitely takes after his uncle and grand father's hands - and will probably get bigger feet than all his male ancestors. I don't know where this will end neither for him, nor his little brother who has consequently been growing faster than his elder siblings adjusted to age. I guess I have to get used to the idea that even my daughter may get taller than me at some point - and that I might end up being the smallest in my family (having always been relatively tall in all settings...)
Against the ceiling window above my bed:
the left hand is mine - the right one my son's...
the left foot is his - the right one his mum's
we laughed so hard we almost fell out (of bed :D)

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