Tuesday, April 29

pure expectancy

I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait - and now it's here! My Hasle & Helle sending from William Dam has arrived. I'm incapable of explaining the sparkly feeling inside when I know that recommended books from recommendable people are waiting at the post office... These books were sent from Denmark last week, I expected them before the weekend. Now they make me put aside the article I was (looking forward to) working on tonight (sorry, Voloshinov - you'll have to wait until tomorrow...) - and instead I have wandered about the house baking muffins & wheat buns - the kids are put to bed (4 for the night) - now brewing myself a nice pot of tea - shivering with expectancy of just sinking into the sofa with one of three novels. Don't know where to start don't know where to start don't know where to start...

Leif Hasle Rejse mod strømmen (2000)
Leif Hasle Den ottende dagen (2005)
Helle Helle Ned til hundene (2008) - read about someone who loves Helle Helle here; fabelaktiv.blogspot.com

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