Saturday, May 31

shady breakfast

Today is going to be a hot day. Yesterday was perfect - today will be warmer... Waking up peeking out of the window for some refreshing chilled air I met only the same temperature as indoors; at 09h - in the shadow... My GOD I love it when you can have breakfast - or any break - in the shade - and it's just perfectly not too warm not too cold not too anything - just perfect perfect perfect - and it's summer. - and a sweet summer breeze just feels comfortable breaking the constant monotony of here and now just existing... May I just love being here for another few minutes?

sweet chilli

Delicious thai sea food for late dinner :)
(We were two who found new purses today)

knitty new bag - and lunch at riz raz

We spent 8 hours walking somewhat 8-900 meters - interrupted by numerous sit downs with wine, ice tea, beer, vegetarian Mediterranean lunch and a touch of chocolate. Is that not the perfect city stroller day? I found a new bag that is big enough for city knitting. - and I will now have to go for som new needles, since my darling bamboo 4 mm one's are broken!

friday breakfast

The coffee bar at the corner has the uttermost delicious muffins with orange & chocolate or apple & cinnamon (to mention some).

Thursday, May 29

seminar success - friend arrived

sara stridsberg's polyphone drömfakulteten as gendered aesthetic event

This afternoon I had my talk about Sara Stridsberg at Copenhagen's University, Amager. People were happy and interested - and I was happy to see and hear that... So many of them immediately decided they had to read it - and SCUM, too - and that's just splendid ;)

scum breakfast

Getting set for my Drömfakulteten talk this morning I have reread SCUM for pure inspiration these last mornings at breakfast - still waking up incredibly early though I don't have to. Our seminar has been a succes - I am happy, content, inspired - the lot. Looking forward to two days off with a very dear friend visiting - she just landed at Kastrup. I'm so ready and looking forward to this :D - My darling Drömfakulteten...

Wednesday, May 28


I just woke up at Schæffergården, where we are having our seminar these days. Things got off well yesterday, people seem happy and interested and the setting, as you may see, are splendid. Th ebirds are singing intensely from all over the park. I am going to get some morgenmad before taking a stroll pre violence, gender & masculinity in popular media at 09h ;)

pre summer evening at schæffergården

Tuesday, May 27

rise & shine

Monday, May 26

brie on rye & elderberries

I am getting the hang of it. I have printed all the handouts and the programmes and the applications and the posters and my talk and my presentations and the lot. (it does look impressive, doesn't it?) - well - except the talk for tomorrow, because that's what I'm finishing now. I had to get some food - and now I will finish my thing before going home to sleep - not planning on working after I get home tonight. The idea is to sleep tight and be ready to seminar when I wake up in the morning. Mmm...

and always on my mind

my day at kua

I have a wonderful time working here. I have the sweetest colleague who brought me this "pletter i luften"-plant for my office - and I get nice and hot lunches in the restaurant if I haven't brought a matpakke.

When in my office (and a lot of the time also when not) I (still) have this woman on my mind Sara Stridsberg; author of my dear, dear, dear Drömfakulteten, that I am talking about next week, here at KUA. God; it's not next week; it's this Thursday! - - - Hm... Time just flies...

I had to blog this picture of Sara Stridsberg: isn't it lovely? It has been taken by Lars Erik Bones and I borrowed it from Dagbladets critique "Kunst og tragedie" by Kåre Bulie yesterday, related to the Norwegian translation of
Drömfakulteten having just occured.

Well - I have another talk to finish for tomorrow and tons of other stuff to do before going home. Later!


raining this morning

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Midday Night Morning Midday Night Morning Midday

Rain 11° Sun 13° Sun Sun 15° Sun 17° Sun Sun 18°

but apparently soon to stop... I'll go for the metro now, though. I have been ironing since 06h this morning, having borrowed an iron from a friend & colleague. I can't believe all I get done waking up that early! Hep! - the iron should be chilled now - have to go.

ps. the forecast is from - now, I hope noone will be mad at me for quoting them :)

not spelled out yet

I have finished the knitting part of my Valerie shawl - but I just cannot seem to be able to spell it out.
The pearls and the threads just won't work with me - and I had to remove the letters I had already embroidered.
Embroidering is so not my thing; too tiny, too slow - well, too everything. - Maybe I'll just have to leave it naked like this? (There are three pearl drops at the bottom of the V - well, obviously; it already *is* a V... my Valerie...) I did manage the Cosmogirl sister shawl, though - so I might give it another try tonight. (Can you see; she's in V's heart?)

Sunday, May 25

it's so just summer...

...when the best moment of the day is when you can sit in the shade and it's not chilly at all - just comfortably refreshing - as the sun starts setting.


Nope. Only myself. Fried egg plant with garlic, fried small potatoes with garlic and spring onions, marinated lamb & a small glass of Montepulciano. I have to continue working, after all!

Yes, yes - I know; I try to cook for one - and there's dinner for at least 2 days - but it's only because they don't sell smaller amounts...

the real stuff

Having read on the internet for a year or so, I finally bought my first paper ex. this morning. I have looked for it earlier when in Cph, not finding it (not had time to look well enough?) Today it permitted me to finally read what Lilian Munk Rösing writes about what I dare call the real stuff (and masculinity's mascerade) on print in the real stuff paper quality newspaper. Now; the text to me is equally real stuff whether on the screen or in cellulose, - but I know someone who explores the more subtle differences (starting off from narratives) from a serious point of view.

this is it

morning has broken

- and I am sensing the warmth of the sun rays in my back through the ceiling windows... I have had my tea - my first tea - and have returned to back then, writing post cards to 5 adressees. I used to be the one sending 40 cards whenever travelling - no surprise, I reckon, as all this blogging probably compensates for an expressive urge (and even gives you my own pictures instead of the printed ones). But I still love getting cards and letters in my snail mail box, too - which is why I have at least written 5 cards; for someone I miss who is not on the internet - for someone soon coming who needs a concrete item seeing that I'm here - for someone I miss that consider snail mailing (save papers and bills) something from another year thousand - for the one friend who insistingly, lovingly, impressively, patiently has continued writing me so many cards and letters from all over the world the last 15 years - rarely getting any back. You know who you are - so check your mailbox in a few days ;)

I will be working until 09h30 or so - then to go out getting some breakfast at one of the coffee bars within 100 meters. I was too early yesterday. Who would have thought... This morning I woke up 05h20 - completely awake; I gather this proves I actually do have more energy to spare, away from my regular packed everyday mummy life and all. Even if I go to bed an hour earlier than at home...

Mmm... Writy, writy, writy...