Monday, May 26

not spelled out yet

I have finished the knitting part of my Valerie shawl - but I just cannot seem to be able to spell it out.
The pearls and the threads just won't work with me - and I had to remove the letters I had already embroidered.
Embroidering is so not my thing; too tiny, too slow - well, too everything. - Maybe I'll just have to leave it naked like this? (There are three pearl drops at the bottom of the V - well, obviously; it already *is* a V... my Valerie...) I did manage the Cosmogirl sister shawl, though - so I might give it another try tonight. (Can you see; she's in V's heart?)


siggen said...

nyyyydelig, og ja, det er jo V! Ha en strålende mandag!
SMASK fra the everyday girl

femiknitter said...

mmmm - my everyday girl :-* deilig mandag til deg også; du er høyt savnet...