Tuesday, May 6

emergency room 2

You know; I've been bragging about how my family is past the period where we meet the same doctor consecutive nights at the emergency room. One hour ago I was clearing the kitchen table thinking; "Tonight I'll get a quiet night writing, because tonight there will certainly be no trip to the doctor's." Then I heard my youngest son's voice from inside a sleeping bag (where he often hides) and I shouted from the kitchen; "Don't walk around with your head in the sleeping bag - you'll trip and fall!" - 10 seconds later he hurled - which is something this young man very seldomly does. He may whine - but hurling is saved for the really bad things; like when he pushes in both his front teeth falling on his bike or running at a door in the kindergarden so the entire head gets dark lilac on one side - or; as we discovered tonight; when he falls and cuts his chin 3 centimeters wide & so deep it takes 4 stitches at the emergency room. The blood was so everywhere it took minutes to find out where it came from. Luckily he's big enough to answer the question "Where does it hurt?". Obviously we had to walk into the same doctor who greeted us last night. It's like when he was 2,5 and had been eating yoghurt for a week after a surgery in his throat; We had kept him immobilised (not easy with this one) for a week - and for the first day he was allowed to make a run for the trampoline, obviously falling off, cutting his finger so badly it needed stitches and band aids like he had cut off his entire hand. Returning the next afternoon after with the same boy bleeding his mouth out, teeth pointing inwards in his mouth (yes; yoghurt for another week) it wasn't all that fun to meet the same doctor - again. That's when I started considering if the kids weren't really safer off in kindergarden 24/24 than back here.

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