Sunday, May 25

the real stuff

Having read on the internet for a year or so, I finally bought my first paper ex. this morning. I have looked for it earlier when in Cph, not finding it (not had time to look well enough?) Today it permitted me to finally read what Lilian Munk Rösing writes about what I dare call the real stuff (and masculinity's mascerade) on print in the real stuff paper quality newspaper. Now; the text to me is equally real stuff whether on the screen or in cellulose, - but I know someone who explores the more subtle differences (starting off from narratives) from a serious point of view.


siggen said...

fint at du sparker ballen inn på SF-siden ;)

femiknitter said...

ja - kunne noen bare sparket den videre derfra så! - vi får håpe noen slår seg løs snart... ;)