Friday, May 23

when I came home yesterday...

...I thought the tulips were already dying, since their heads were hanging and all. Turned out they had only drunk all their water (telling me it's quite hot in the flat when I'm not there). They're all wide open now - I'll just have to enjoy them while they're at their peak ;)
This morning I became aware of a neighbouring family, as I went out on the balcony listening to the silence. The breach of silence came from this house - where an undecidable number of titmouse children were waiting for their parents to bring breakfast.
My breakfast is turning into a nice ritual; I have time to have weekend breakfasts every day of the week with only myself to think of. I love eating from my Malene Helbak breakfast set; it's beautiful - beautiful - beautiful! I am also bring the best lunches from home; asparagus, cherry tomatoes, rye bread, Swedish matured cheese and ham. But before all that raspberry jelly for breakfast. Yum yum yum ;)

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