Wednesday, July 30

the world's best city to live in!

- of course it is! I'm in love, in love, in love...

Thursday, July 24

did i mention

that I love this town?

- - -

ved langebro

early cph

more alakoski

- .

off the 3 meter

brandist: the bakhtin circle


making a wish - let it come true

sunday breakfast & alakoski

Svinalängorna, Susanna Alakoski

marionettes & linderborg

Mig äger ingen, Åsa Linderborg - read it!


Wednesday, July 23

kastrup søbad

We went to Kastrup Søbad for a walk in the rather chilly weather Saturday; a beautiful non-treated tree construction at the southern end of Amager Strand. The water was comfortably warm compared to the air. The wind blew no stronger than it being possible to frisbee more or less in solitude :)

Saturday, July 19

beautiful, beautiful

SMK as a spot of reflection is tremendous. The presence of all these works of art, of course, with the potentiality of the iunlimited amount of aesthetic events ever present. Beautiful architecture - integrating the new and the old; floor to ceiling windows opening up towards & framing the enormous trees swaying in the wind outside - observed from the amphi theatre overlooking the concert grand piano with it's potential musical utterances... *sigh* -. Anyone having difficulties understanding what I adore about this?

quiet morning

- with changing weather. This was half an hour ago - now the sky is grey. The forecast says somewhat rainy, windy and not very warm this weekend. Sounds like a lot of knitting to me... and reading. Yes. Quite a lot of that, too. I'll be stopping by Atheneum to see if the Haynes book has arrived, I will pop by the baker in Sct. Peders stræde to get breakfast rolls, I will drop in on the kiosk at Nørreport to get Information, and then, I guess, just take it from there.

started my falkenberg

Well - actually it's called No. 3 - Lido - by Hanne Falkenberg. I am doing the Moss/Indigo coloured. I have wandered about it for days, not being sufficiently awake to have the guts to try to understand the pattern instructions, but yesterday I decided to make a go - and it works :)

lunch at café republic

Danish cheeses and rhubarb tart with sour cream.