Sunday, August 31

summer stays on

tremendous weekend
lovely sun
beautiful sky

there's nothing quite like seawater pearling on your skin
or the warm sun drying it off
19h : 22 degrees C
another long, salty, tasty, wet, warm afternoon :)

laughing, splashing, freezing, giggleing children at the pier

love it love it love it
love it love it love it
love it love it love it

chateau de fieuzal 1990

Excellent wines should be saved for special occassions. Special occassions should be exactly when you feel like it. That is why this delicious Chateau de Fieuzal from a very, very good millesime: 1990 - having spent 12-13 years in the cellar - was tonight savoured on the terrace, in the mild, practically non-existant summer breeze, contemplating the perhaps last summer evening sunset from just that spot...

day trip to hardanger

Thursday, August 28


This afternoon we decided to make muffins! I had just prepared the dough for 60 or so, when I got a phone call indicating that I was to show the house that we are selling 2 hours later... (And I can only make 12 at a time - 20 minutes each - house to tidy & clean; you can imagine...) Anyway; we got there; muffins with black berries - muffins with chunks of pears - muffins with oat flakes - muffins with cardamomme - muffins with cinnamon - muffins with fleur d'oranger... They turned out juicy and *really* good! - & 4 hours later I think there are 15 left. (And the house was tidied before the potential new owners came).

more malene helbak...

I bought these for a very close friend a year ago - but I haven't seen her here since (although she did visit in Copenhagen this summer and got a few Helbak items herself ;), so they're still in my cupboard. I had forgotten exactly what they looked like, so I just had to unwrap them and enjoy them for a while, before rewrapping them trying to find out when she'll get them... They're still as beautiful as they were... always as beautiful...

malene helbak breakfast with abo rasul

Sunday, August 24

fit for fall

Slowly, slowly settling post summerly... Seemingly such a spectacular stream of satisfying sessions starting in September. Sticking to Stridsberg - swirling solemnly in the sphere of sex, gender & aesthetics towards Växjö & STING-08. Swapping sporadically to soothingly soft stitches, sensing sparkling skeins. - & soon (re-)seeing souls (and spots!) constantly missed.

soak up the sun

Yesterday the weather was splendid and a dip in the fjord was called for; It was *perfect*! The water must have been at least 19 - probably more like 20 or 21 degrees C - and I floated around for half an hour or so before drying in the sun. I just love it when summer reappears unexpectedly when your mind is set in a more fall like mode... Moments like these are stored for revisiting as the dark, wet, cold Nordic winter sneaks in on you. Soaking up those last beams of the sun...

pink morgenstierne sister

New lovely pink tea cup pairing up with my green vanilla beauty. I'm sure that is because someone wants to come have tea with me soon... Please do?

slakk line :) - and check out Espen and John i Kløfta! That'll be in a few years ;)

mmm... :)

pizza, pizza!

6 for pizza require pizza production at a grand scale. Miam-miam!!

august moment down town stavanger

my beautiful home coming shawl

My all time favourite knitter welcomed me back to Stavanger with this lovely, lovely Shetland Triangle. It's beautiful with it's bubbles on the right side, but equally lovely on the back side (last picture). It will most defintely be warming me while reading and writing this fall and winter. Thank you so much!! :-*

approaching faculty of humanities - stavanger

Distinctively different from KUA, I dare say ;)