Sunday, September 21

summer won't let go

- and I love every second of it... Another fabulous Sunday spent mostly outdoor thinking, noting and reflecting & furthermore reasoning pro and contra whether to write something about Lilian Munk Rösing's Kønnets Katekismus (2005) that I really like and that a lot of people apparently find truly problematic and that I reread for our study circle last Wednesday! Here's Dag Heede critizising it, and here's Munk Rösing answering Heede.

I spent most of the day structuring the text in my head, so I guess I should just get it down & done although I have other things to do (maybe exactly *so* I can get other things done...)!


siggen said...

Selvsagt må du skrive om dette nå!
PS: du vil jo aldri får bedre tid enn det du har nå ...

femiknitter said...

sukk - jeg visste jeg kunne stole på deg! ha-ha-ha!