Saturday, September 13

what i listen to

The 2008 summer sound track has no doubt been (and will forever remain!) Band of Horses' Cease to Begin (indie rock) that has accompanied me through the streets of Copenhagen, paper writing, over sea's flights to and from Canada and reading in Kongens Have and on Amager Beach. It has also been passed on to a very dear friend who seems to have had the same satisfying pleasure of it that I have... (I actually heard a rumour this friend sent me BoHs first album Everything All the Time by snail mail this morning - having figured out there was something worth listening to there, too!)

I got a recommendation for the Ting Tings (indie punk pop) early July, but first got in on my cell in mid August: They have become another favourite - my fall 2008 kick off sound track, one could no doubt say... The Ting Tings' truly rock - well; actually they more specifically dance; energizing dance-punk: the 2008 album We Started Nothing (something of an understatement I would say) makes it impossible to keep quiet or stand still.

The Ting Tings' heavy rotation That's not my name on Norwegian P3 has seemingly only been challenged by the Norwegian rising star Ida Maria (indie pop/rock) with the hit "I like you so much better when you're naked". - so I got curious and had to get her album, too. Fortress round my heart is now being recommended to people I like. Like The Ting Tings it rocks and efficiently distributes energy for whatever one needs energy for... Like it.

I have been listening a lot to The Ting Tings and Ida Maria lately. Tonight I have been sucked back to Cph with Band of Horses tremendous tones and lyrics in my ears. Mmm mmm mmm...

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