Thursday, October 9

changing weather

The rain has been pouring for days now. Le vent a soufflé. Les grisailles ont dominées la journée du petit matin au coucher du soleil (qu'on n'a pas vu). It has been hard to get out of bed - even on vacation - even with (or pehaps just because of?) more sleep than I normally get. After waking up to the most fantastic fall weather Monday (former post), I went to bed yesterday expecting to meet yet another grey day this morning.

Not so!

The sky is blue. The sun is shining. We are having dinner at some dear friends' house this afternoon, and before that I am taking the kids for a lovely walk as far out in the scerries as you can get without a boat. It's one of my favourite fall/winter/spring areas, - where - in these seasons - you cannot spot a single tourist anywhere. Better get the kids out of their pjs :)

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