Thursday, October 16

a friend with no name

This young fellow turned up with with his or her sister or brother when I was at my parents house - I thought it was a he, but how would I know?; Identifying her or him as a he might be a misconception I made when this silent monkey was offered to me when I was little - knit by my mother - with her or his sibling that my sister got. My little brother, poor thing, was born way after that, and didn't get one. At the age of 27 now, my mum is knitting one to make up for this. - and I need to find a needle and reattach her or his arm - you see at the last picture what she or he will look like after that.


siggen said...


femiknitter said...

ikke sant?! og hin er tydeligvis kost & lekt med, - litt sliten her og der... ;)