Friday, October 17

hit by sun rays

Sitting here with my woolen scarves, half ways shivering, I all of sudden feel a beam hitting my left leg and thigh, without quite understanding what it is.

Then I realize the sun is entering the north bound kitchen where I write by way of the south bound ceiling window in the living room.

The sun comes over the mountains first now - and I have actually just been photographing it outdoors, because the way it streamed down the hills it looked just like the way I'm feeling as l'écriture has just started happening after a rather greyish day yesterday (well illustrated by a picture somewhat below). I do have a problem with my Nokia PC suite, though, and I don't have time to restart the computer just now, so you'll have to pop by later for the pics. - Right now I'll have to write - knowing that in 3 hours and 12 minutes I'm well placed on a bench to get some urged for aroma therapy... Perfect start of a weekend that will be Friday night off (as usual) but apart from that; a lot of work.

Love it.

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