Wednesday, November 26


Saturday, November 22

afternoon stroll towards the sun

inspiring tea flower

good morning

really tired

but also really satisfied; I have just written out the main body of my talk for the STING conference next Thursday and Friday (still a few spots available - contact if you want to have one of them...) - and it turned out somewhat different from what I thought it would, though with my main message intact. Here's my original abstract:

Kjønn i den estetiske hendelsen

Relasjonen mellom form og ideologi i det estetiske er ytterst kompleks og vanskelig å gripe. Med interesse for ideologiske, f. eks. kjønnede og/eller feministiske, aspekter i kunst, synes det lett å møte estetiske verk med på forhånd klare ideologiske fortolkningsrammer, med den fare dette innebærer for å undervurdere – og undergrave - formens betydning. I motsatt ende av skalaen vil enkelte fortsatt hevde at kunst er form som eksisterer og skal forstås uavhengig av ideologi.

Mikhail Bakhtin beskriver i sitt tidlige estetisk-filosofiske essay ”The Problem of Content, Material and Form in Verbal Art” (ca. 1924) et estetisk objekt hvor det etiske, det epistemologiske og det estetiske er uløselig sammenvevde, likeverdige og uunnværlige elementer i en estetisk hendelse som inntreffer mellom kunstneren og iakttageren/leseren. Med eksempler fra Sara Stridbergs Drömfakulteten (2005) vil jeg argumentere for relevansen av å bruke Bakhtins begreper for å si noe kvalifisert om kjønn i den estetiske hendelsen.

- which is largely where I'll go, although probably including other examples than just Sara Stridsberg.

Friday, November 21

snow storm

It started out nicely, with white snow flakes falling on an already after last night white ground... - but now the wind has come, too, and it snows horizontally south bound - the northern wind rushing in through the fjord under the mountains...

Monday, November 17

festen er ikke over det er kake igjen

but a calm, peaceful, relaxing weekend it was. Here's more about De Lillos' compilation from 2005. STING conference coming up in a week and a half now, so I better get to work. Hopefully a good week getting started...

Sunday, November 16


Passion fruit cake from Charles & de "because she's so passionate"... I can live with that ;) Miam!

had to try -

but only in very small doses, I unfortunately notice -.

calm day indoor - storming outside

spoiled all weekend long...

Fondue bourguignonne coming up for dinner, after lovely birthday breakfast with gifts (including aroma massage!, gloves, drawings, cuddles... ;), pancakes and omelette...


Femiknits just passed 1000 blog posts :)

would so much like to knit again...

- which is why I couldn't walk past all this silk alpacca on sale... remains to be seen whether I can actually knit something of it without my shoulders and arms complaining again. Keeping my arms capable of writing has a higher priority...

flow of flowers...

Saturday, November 15

fin de semaine

matterhorn amaryllis in vika thursday night
miss landmine provoquing the art council norway's yearly conference: den farlige kunsten
panel debate
(more about all of this at over the weekend)

coming home last night to 20 red roses on the kitchen table, king crab, shrimps, sparkling wine

lovely meal with happy kids buzzing around and a quiet, quiet treat of a weekend
coming up

where I am now...

Thursday, November 13

it's been a few years

... since I started a new language, but yesterday I moved in on Russian. We'll see how that goes. This morning - like yesterday - blue, blue sky, the sun probably gonna turn up in a while, writing, meeting, another meeting, writing, back and forth with the kids, and then off to Oslo. Looking forward to Den farlige kunsten tomorrow, with amongst others Anne Gjelsvik, Abo Rasul and Mikkel Bogh - :) :) :)

Wednesday, November 12

french earl grey from taras -

- in my Morgenstierne vanilla cup... Right on the writing today, allez!

Monday, November 10

in betweens

Mondays are buzy: drama, writing, gymnastics - and a lot of logistics. - but there are some loop holes in between! - This afternoon I got 50 minutes writing on the parking lot outside school - just what I needed. I am now finishing my revised project description before discussing it with my co-advisor tomorrow.

on their way to vika

Sunday, November 9

ut og stjæle hester

I'm reading Per Petterson's (numerous) award winning Ut og stjæle hester (2003) - Out stealing horses in English - and I have a fabulous time realizing why this novel is now sold to 40 countries for translation... I am curious, however, as to to what extent the novel's characteristic language is translatable in a good way, and would actually like to read it in a few other languages as well only to try to figure out how the translators succeed!

In many ways (although I have not come very far yet!) I'd say Petterson, that I have not read anything else by before, has a male approach to the everyday turn of literature as we are familiar with through Helle Helle, Christina Hesselholdt and Naja Marie Aidt. But I might be mistaken. What do you say, Happenstance?

Anyway; this is meaningful language in meaningful constellations about meaningful issues constituting a truly meaningful reading experience to me... One of those great gendered aesthetic events that slip right under your skin; - I love it. Warm thanks to my dear friend who recommended it -.